LH-20A1P raw bin firm needed

I need a LH-20A1P raw bin firm to flash my drive I searched many forums but I didnt find anything. I tried eo extract the bin from the executable firm but the tools doest support this kind of firm.
Any link to the firm??
Thanks in advance


you should be able to flash your drive with the (official) binary executable flashers. Where is the problem?


KL05.bin link posted here. :wink:

BTW, I’m sure there is no problem…

Thanks a lot for you help.
Now I have my LH-18A1P to LH-20A1P just crosflashed and everything went OK
Thanks to all

So the white animal with black stripes helped you too ? :smiley:

As to the poster above - using the firmware EXE will NOT work at first - Once you crossflash and apply the raw binary for the first time, from there on you can update with the regular firmwares.

The white animal with black stripes is STILL kicking around helping people overclock their drives? Wow, that’s quite a few years now (411S@811S times) :iagree:

:iagree: Those were some of the scariest crossflashing moments in my life.

Maybe its on time for modified (eeprom) Patcher V4… :slight_smile:

i have backed up the eeprom from my 18a1p and i have download the KL05.bin.
but how can i crossflash 18a1 -> 20a1p?
can someone give me an advice?

ok the “animal” has helped!

What about the CD-R days when we flashed our 40’s to 48’s, i dont remember the exact model but it still working in my wife’s poot.

My first CD burner was a 2x HP, what a POS it was i think i did like 3 burns and it died, that was onsale for $200, next was a 8x yammi which was a nice drive, then a 16x TDK which still works if i knew where it is.

I dont want to bore you anymore as we all have some stories.

The original poster did not mention he wanted to crossflash his drive in his initial post.


Hi there. I have a LH-18A1H and want to flash it to LH-20A1H. Anyone can help? Howcome there is no thread with directions on how to do it?

The whole reason of not having instructions here is to keep the newbies from blowing up their DVDRW drives. It’s rather difficult for someone new to crossflash. The only way to do it is by modifying the EEPROM. You have to have extensive knowledge of doing it yourself because each drive is different. If you look with the search button you will read about a black and white animal located somewhere else that maybe able to help you. Other than that, guides to crossflashing and modifying EEPROMs will never be supported here. Hope that answered your question.