LH-20A1P MMC003 High PIF On Beginning

On average with my new LH-20A1P drive I am getting a PIF spike of 6 to 10 right at the beginning of the disk. I have only burnt MMC003 on this drive so far as I don’t have any other media to test on, but is this normal ? And if not how can I correct this?

I have tried scanning it on the LH-20A1P and my 1693S, same PIF spike at the very beginning… :frowning:

If anyone can help out, please leave a reply :slight_smile:


It’s not that unusual to see a spike at the beginning of a scan. If it is just a single spike, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Try scanning at a lower speed.

have the same problem with MMC004 :confused:

6-10 is a lot better then the 500-600 PIF spike I was getting consistently with my LH-20A1P.

Needless to say it was returned for a replacement.

I have also noticed this on my MCC 03RG20’s. MCC 04’s seem OK.