Lh-20A1P@lh-20A1H Possible?

I wanted to buy a LH-20A1H recorder.
But the seller gave me a LH-20A1H box with a sticker “Lightscribe LH-20A1H”.
On my computer, the drive is recognized as “LH-20A1P” :a (so no lightscribe …) :doh:
So is it possible to activate Lightscribe on this drive by flashing 20A1H firmware ?
Thanks for your response. :bow:
Best regards.


just return the drive to the vendor.
Normally, Lightscribe drives have a piece of additional hardware. If that is not present, then applying other firmware (voiding any warranty) wouldn’t help at all. Also, I am not sure if flashing H firmware to a P drive will work at all. At least it is complicated and risky.


The drive would fail the model ID check and not work properly, but it would still be detected as an H drive by Windows.