LH-20A1P KL0A High-Speed Scanning Improvement

It appears the latest firmware has attempted improvement with High-Speed Scanning(@12X & @16X). :clap:

Following are CD-DVD Speed v. scans at 8X, 12X, and 16X speeds for comparison.
It looks like much improvement has been achieved with this firmware for fans of 16X PIE/PIF scanning.
Improvement has also been achieved with 12X scanning, but it appears an error correction reporting issue still remains to be resolved during the first 300-400 MBs of a burned disc when scanned at 12X speed.
More work needs to be done to improve 12X scanning results. :doh:

Following are CD-DVD Speed v. scans at 8X, 12X, and 16X speed of the same disc as above, excluding the first 400 MBs of the disc, for comparison. If the initial portion of the disc is skipped, results at 8X and 12X are very comparable. :slight_smile:
Now the firmware development team just needs to sort out error correction reporting at 12X in that initial section of the burn. :wink:

Now 8X, 12X, and 16X speed scans of a different disc for comparison. I chose this disc because of a PIE “mountain” at 3.7 - 4.0 GB and I wanted to see the effect of scanning this mountain at high speed. :wink:
Again, 12X scanning speed result is not in accordance with 8X & 16X results during the initial section of the disc. :frowning:
PIE and PIF numbers & levels on the “mountain” are magnified considerably by the 15X scanning speed when compared to 8X scan speed (I think this would be expected by most everyone.)
The high levels reported at 16X are not a problem when reading this disc as TRTs at max speed in both the LH-20A1P and LG H12N are perfectly clean. :smiley:

Just recieved my LH-20A1P today (had built in Jan 07 on the box)

How do I tell what firmware version is has, and is this new “Improved” firmware an official release?


KL0A is the newest official firmware.
just download the KL0A firmware flasher and run it. it will show you your current firmware version. if this is below KL0A (KL01… KL09) then you should update.

Thanks. Have succesfully reflashed to the official KL0A

I’m too nervous to flash with anything unofficial yet, unless there is a BIG reason to.