LH-20A1P - ISO - DVD Decryptor



I recently purchased and installed a Lite-on LH-20A1P to replace an ailing Plextor 716. The LH-20 will not burn an ISO file with DVD Decrypter. The drive ends up with a blinking green light and one thing I remember is a power calibration error. It burns fine with Nero… but I like having a choice. I have added an NEC DVD burner which will burn an ISO file with decrypter. Is this typical of Lite-On or is there something wrong with this drive?
Thanks In Advance for any assistance.


Have you tried burning with ImgBurn instead?

ImgBurn is freeware created by the same author as DVD Decrypter, and it contains an updated burn engine and lots of improvements compared to DVD Decrypter (except that it cannot decrypt Video DVDs).


I do not remember - I have used ImgBurn in the past, but not sure if I tried with the Lite-On drive. My problem is - I like to start DVD-Shrink and have it save the file as an ISO and burn without me having to stay with it. ImgBurn did not show up as an option in Shrink. Just to check the drive - I will burn something now with ImgBurn…
Thanks for responding


YES - it is working with ImgBurn


I had the same problem sort of, it will burn but give alot of failures during the burn, imgburn works alot better.