LH-20A1P hates Verbatim MCC004 DVD+R Media?



Hey Everyone -

I just received my brand new Liteon 20A1P drive yesterday and for the most part, its incredible! Overall its burning better than my NEC 3520 and its scanning capabilities are amazing.

I have noticed a problem though, my drive hates Verbatim DVD+R (MCC004) media. In looking at other peoples scans, this media tends to burn very well however I’ve tried 3 discs now and the PIE/PIF results are all high…

There are pictures below, but heres a quick summary
MCC004 DVD+R Media Results: (Looks bad to me)
PIE Total: 205,903
PIE Max: 57
—PIF Total: 3546
—PIF Max: 8

MCC003 DVD-R Media Results: (looks great to me!)
PIE Total: 15,836
PIE Max: 11
—PIF Total: 310
—PIF Max: 3

TYG02 DVD-R Media Results: (looks pretty good to me)
PIE Total: 11,905
PIE Max: 11
—PIF Total: 2314
—PIF Max: 4

RICOHJPN R03 DVD+R Media Results: (looks good for cheap media to me)
PIE Total: 63,606
PIE Max: 40
—PIF Total: 1319
—PIF Max: 2

All of the burns were done at Max Speed, and I’d like to reiterate that I’ve done 3 MCC004 DVD+R discs, all with similar results. For the last scan (the one posted below) I turned off SmartBURN (at least I think I did) and the results got a little better than past scans, but still not “good”

So my questions for the forum are:

  1. Does the Liteon 20A1P drive hate Verbatim DVD+R Media?
  2. Is the MCC004 scan as bad as I think it is?
  3. What could I be doing wrong that would cause this top notch media (that burned very well in old NEC 3520) to not burn well on my new LiteOn Drive?
  4. Has anyone else noticed this problem

Pictures are below…

Thanks Everone!!!


I prefer burning MCC04 at 12x. On 16x my SAP doesn’t recognise the disc.


Hmm. Enable HT/OHT maybe? Or it’s just a bad disc/batch…
Usually MCC 004 strategies are well optimized so it shouldn’t look like that.


MCC004 errors out @16X on this drive everytime. At 20X it has no chance.:frowning:


coloradogiant, try doing a clear OPC using the test version of SmartBurn. See how it burns your MCC004 after that. You might want to backup your EEPROM with the latest version of the EEPROM Utility before hand, just in case you want to go back, but my experience with clear OPC and this model of drive is that it normally improves burn quality. :wink:


Thanks for all the speedy responses guys.

When I get home tonight I’ll try a burn at 16x then 12x to see if the results improve dramatically, if I can’t burn at 20x with my MCC004 media I’ll survive. I might have to switch over to the DVD-R verbatims, I usually like the +R technology better, but that burn on the -R MCC003 is just beautiful !

I’ll also first of all figure out how to clear my OPC (and what it is exactly :slight_smile: ) then try that as well. The drive is only one day old so I doubt its stored any data that can’t be easily replaced.


the xxA1x likes MCC 004: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1675150&postcount=97


He could very well have a bad batch, everything is possible these days. I can burn my TY DVD+R 16x @18x and 20x without a problem and excellent scans.

You should not have any trouble burning those verbatims with your 20A1P, and your scans are still within specs but unusual for this kind of media, so from my experience sometimes a dusty disc will give such results - Where was your disc stored before burning ? Spindle ? Case ? I have actually seen cases where some verbs had dust on them throughout the whole disc.

Try using HyperTuning & Online HyperTuning enabled and see if that helps.

Also can you please enable jitterDVD checking and run a 4x scan with jitter results and a TRT afterwards.


Wow, chok0, that’s very nice. :iagree:


This spindle was recently purchased from OfficeMax - just a standard retail 50 pack spindle - the discs have never left the spindle and appear to have a clean writing surface

I wasn’t aware of the option to enable jitter checking so I’ll track that down tonight… I can probably figure it out, but can anyone tell me what TRT stands for :confused: ?

Also I have a BenQ 1650 at work. I will bring in one of the Verbatim MCC004 discs from home and try it on the BenQ to see if the results are similar. If they are, then I might be able to write this off as a bad batch and just move on with life, but as it stands right now I’m not really ready to buy another pack of Verbatim MCC004’s to find out :frowning:


TRT stands for [B]“Transfer Rate Test”[/B] as for the MCC004 Verbs you might just got a hold of some
with the PAP6 media code on them. Look on the clear center of the disc and see if it has PAPA or
PAP6 letters in front of the numbers. I got a hold of some of the PAP6 discs and they do not burn
all that good on my 20A1P or even on my 160P6S as a matter of fact but the PAPA coded MCC004
discs burn really decent on both drives. Here is a 20x burn using the modified FW from COdeKing and
using MCC004 PAPA disc’s http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1685780&postcount=145 pretty much an
excellent burn for 20x. :clap: :iagree: To do a TRT test open up Nero CDSpeed and run the Benchmark test
click on Run Test at the top then on Transfer Rate.


Awesome, thanks for the details. The discs are at home so I’ll have to wait and check them out tonight.

Like you said, the burn is technically within the specifications, but I wouldn’t expect such disparity between the other media I burned and the MCC004 discs - something just doesn’t seem right with the MCC004’s and my burner even though they will probably play back OK.

Maybe I’ll switch to Ricoh! Just kidding! :disagree:


Good idea ! :slight_smile: As a matter of fact I do still have an unused spindle of RICOHJPNR01 I haven’t used yet those burn amazing well on my 20A1P jitter 7% sometimes less, oustanding PIE/PIF scores, that put TY to shame :slight_smile:



I turned on Jitter Detection, a new scan of a burn done at 12X are below - it doesn’t make a difference.

Guess what? These are MCC004 PAP6 code discs. I guess that might be the problem. And just for the record, getit29 might be a genius. I would have never thought to look into this.

So I guess my new questions are:

  1. These results aren’t pretty for verbatim s, but do they look acceptable? In other words, should I expect to be able to play these discs back in a DVD Player or are the remaining 40 blanks better off in a landfill.
  2. Looking at the verbatim package, I dont see any indication that these discs would be “PAP6” - Is there any way to avoid these discs in the future?
  3. Is it still worth clearing the OPC and doing some enable/disable HT/OHT tests with this media? Or is pretty safe to say that PAP6 discs just look about like this

I am still going to try my BenQ at work tomorrow, I’d like to know if this is just a problem with how the LiteOn handles this media or if the media is just “a little sketchy” in general.

Resulting Scan and TRT test posted below. Its a little interesting to me that my TRT test jumps in the 1st 200MB or so and also in the 1st 200MB I get the most PIE errors - not sure if theres a correlatio there.


Nevermind about Question 3 - I did the test of clearing my OPC history and using Hyper Tuning - Results are pretty much the same.

See post below.

I am starting to not like this PAP6 Media :frowning:


Ah shucks you’re making me blush :o

1.They do not look all that good or bad but the best way is to run the TRT test and see if it has any drops in the read back speed and try them in a stand alone player.

2.There is no way that I know of to tell if they are going to be PAPA or PAP6 disc’s in the package until you open it up and look I bought several 50 packs at the
same time and the same place some were PAPA while other packs were PAP6 disc’s.

3.I do not believe anything is going to help with burning these PAP6 disc’s some that I have tryed to burn fail to burn at any speed on any burner and some burn
with about the same results that you are getting with your PAP6 disc’s. :sad:

I think we should get a boycott going against Verbatim until they pull these sorry &*^%$ PAP6 disc’s from the market. :iagree:


with my LH18A1P i get excellent results at 16x (no so good at 18x) with my batches of CMC and Prodisc made MCC004. http://forum.cdfreaks.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=95776&stc=1
I’ve had better luck with OHT and HT enabled. Typically it shouldn’t be hard to get a good burn on MCC004 so it must be your batch.


I’ve had better luck with OHT and HT enabled. Typically it shouldn’t be hard to get a good burn on MCC004 so it must be your batch.

In the short time that I have had the 20A1P, I can only agree with dicer’s statement here. :iagree:


Since getting my LiteON drive (yesterday) I have been using my old NEC 3520 (doesn’t burn so well anymore) for ripping, and well its not so good at that either (7x map on DL pressed discs) so I just ordered a Pioneer 111D.

I’ll have to figure out which drive (Liteon or Pioneer) will be the burner and which one will be the ripper, but I’ll definitely try these PAP6 discs on the Pioneer and see if I can get a better burn.


Hi everyone, I wanted to start a new thread for the same subject. I bought a 20A1P a few days ago & I have also noticed that it doesn’t like the MCC004 discs (media ID PAPA). I also have a LG H22L & it burns these discs MUUUCH better than the litey.
I have also noticed that the LG drive is better at reading too. I tried backing up some discs that I burnt about 2 years ago, the 20A1P wasn’t able to read them (L-EC uncorrectable errors), but the LG could read them just fine.
I have a huge stash of MCC004s, so I guess I’ll use the H22L for ripping & burning, & the litey just for scanning.