LH-20A1P F/W fact or fiction?

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My LH-20A1P when using KLON f/w will only write 16x (just). While the f/w is supposed to support 18x.

Now with KLOM f/w (support for 20x added) the result remains the same.

DVDIdentifier yields this result.

All of which has been verified with CloneDVD2, MagicDVDCopier & DVD neXt Copy.

You have to enable Over Speed Writing on the drive in order to enable speeds over 16x. This can be done with e.g. the Smart-Burn utility.

Typo in thread title BTW: LU-20A1P…

KL0M/N both support upto 18X with OverSpeeding enabled with the SmartBurn utility, but this overspeeding function, as far as I know, only adds one level up in speed so I can’t see how 20X would be enabled with it. Anyway, I checked with CD-DVDSpeed and the maximum is 18X for these discs.

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Always wanted my own drive. :doh:
‘SmartBurn’ :disagree: Whenever I enable that the disc quality suffers.
But thanks for the info. I assimed as TY 16x rated media does reach 20x & says it does without ‘SmartBurn’. Verbatim would be likewise.
If you have to resort to ‘trickery’ then the f/w is misquoted surely.

You are right, TY 16x rated media is supported at 20x even when Over Speed Writing is disabled. In my experience there is a good reason for this difference, because YUDEN000 T03 and TYG03 are less likely to produce bad results when burned at 18/20x compared to MCC004.

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Must a Lite-On thing then.
I’ve not had this experience with my other drives.
Both TY & Verbatim being almost inseperable.
My Samsung SH-S203B springs to here.
Although Verbatim is 18x max whereas TY is 20x.
So maybe you’re correct.

Hmmm… I have no problem in getting MCC004 to burn @20x in my 20A1P using fw/KL05
but I haven’t tried any of the other fw yet because I’m happy with the results that I get
with KL05 and MCC004 here is a link to my typical results with MCC004 burned @20x :clap: :bow:

Sorry getit29, but I’m referring to stock f/w.
You’re using patched f/w.
It is my contention that if a f/w states it supports 18x or 20x. Then that should be in native form. Not with additional applications (or patching).

The report from Skylon was [B]UN[/B] official so basically it’s hear say…

I understand what you are getting at Zebad :iagree:

Oh okay I feel kind of dumb that I misunderstood the post sorry about that :doh:

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That’s OK we are all here to learn.
One of the best ways is said to be by mistakes. :doh:

It does claim to be 20x DVDRW though. :stuck_out_tongue: :eek: :bigsmile: