LH-20A1P driver/ DVD disk quality "?"

While searching 4 drivers w/o the added Nero 7 bundle on Lite-On’s site a few months back which yielded absolutely nothing. Every time I clicked on the link to download the driver, I got a 404 error so I guess it is no longer supported which is lousy service IMHO. Then found your site w/ extremely valuable & vast information. I have no doubt w/ the wealth of information I’ve seen by posters/ users here that you can assist me…and if you can’t…nobody can.

I have an old Lite-On CDROM LTN5265 reader only & very recently purchased (less than 6 mths) a Lite-On LH-201P CD/DVD burner (2 replace my broken NEC CD/DVD burner). This inquiry is 4 my Lite-On LH-20A1P CD/DVD burner. FYI: I chose retail even though my burner is black. Hope I chose correctly.

I want to do a fresh reload my machine w/ Win XP Pro w/ minimal drivers to run my burner. My Liteon will read CDs, but won’t burn until I load the Nero (basic) 7 installation disk that came w/ the burner. MS updates won’t update/ provide drivers I assume b/c it’s not plug-n-play. I do have & use Nero 6 Ultra Edition. It’s too late to download a Nero tool I thought may help (luckily, I did save the exe update file when it was still available).

Also, after reading this thread (http://club.myce.com/f44/lite-lh-20a1p-post-your-scans-here-201092/index34.html) that Nero won’t let me change the burn speed. How can I correct this? MYCE Senior Admin “C0deKing” had some download links, however I was lost on which to use.

-Is there a generic basic driver I can load and/ or my Nero 6 Ultra recognizes my Liteon burner?
-Also, after reading this thread (sorry, can’t find now) that Nero won’t let me change the burn speed. How can I correct this? How often do I have to do this? Any ill side effects?
-I always assumed the slowest burn speed was best to maintain quality 4 some pics & vids. Am I wrong? There are only a few files I really care about quality. Some files aren’t all that important 4 quality, so it’s frustrating when I can’t use the maximum burn speed.
-Is there a noticeable difference in quality of different RW, DL, CD/DVD manufactures? Meaning, I’ve just been buying the best deal @ Wally World. This question may need 2 be in a different thread, so just let me know.
-I’ve been using CD-R/ DVD-R’s. Should I be using +R’s? Have read here & still don’t understand the difference.
-I will be coming back here soon b/c I want to buy a inexpensive DL burner preferably w/ light scribe as I haven’t figured out how to make labels even though Nero 6 supports it. I did hear the light scribe is still needs work. Easy to understand step by step directions, requirements (materials/ parts needed), tutorial links for label making greatly appreciated!
-Edit last above: Just re-read the box. So I can burn quality dual layer 9+GB DVD’s w/ this??? If so…Awesome. Never used a DL disk. Does it matter if it is “-R”, “+R”, “-R/RW”, and/ or ”+R/RW”? Any cons or things I should know or read?

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

Admin: I know I threw out a lot of topics, so if any of these questions need to be divided up into different threads, please just let me know. Also, I was blown away when attempting my 1st post & all model #’s, etc were right there (even though I had mine included w/ my post). Thanks 4 providing such an awesome well organized 1st class site!!!

to burn movies just use imgburn…to burn data use cdburnerxp or burnaware free…there new and always updated and work good

4 and 8 speed is just fine…i rarely do 16…8 minutes at 8x is fine with me and get great scans

there are differences in quality among media but not + or -…just brand…stick with verbatim or sony and u can use memorex…i have the same drive u do and it died on me recently…had about 1500 burns on it and it did good with memorex and the others i l mentioned

check the sales ads on sunday…u can do better than wal mart…wal mart nvr has sales on dvd media…go to Best buy or office depot or frys or staples

+r or -r doesnt matter…either does the job the same

the lite on u have does DL…lightscribe you’ll pay around $5 more for in a another model lite on burner

  • r DL’S are more common…only get verbatim…a few cents more but dead reliable

ImgBurn has replaced Nero for me for all types of burns, though it isn’t the most convenient for audio cds. It is well regarded here on the forums, and is free to download and use.

I would avoid Memorex media. Use Verbatim, or buy Taiyo Yuden online at shops like rima.com or supermediastore.com. I prefer Verbatim 16x +R and TY 8x +R disks personally, but that certainly isn’t something you have to follow. Sony might be an acceptable alternative.

For DL media, only buy Verbatim +R DL. 4x is a safe speed for all varieties of Verbatim DL disks.

Slowest speed burning is not necessarily the best policy, especially with modern burners using 16x media. Use 8x on cheap media if you still have some, and you can increase that speed safely with better disks like Verbatim. 12x is as high as I go, but there are many on the forums who burn at faster speeds successfully.

Lightscribe isn’t the best way to make labels in my opinion. Look into an Epson ink jet printer that can print on cds and dvds if you need fancy labels. You’ll need compatible disks with a printable surface.

So, there are a few thoughts. Welcome to the forums.

been using the CMC AM3 memorex media for the last year and a half or so for my data backups…with my old lite on 20a and now my lite on HAS324 and the scans are good…sony’s are better and verbatims are the best

Wow!!! All very informative & quick responses…so Thank you all very much!!! I chose to research your ideas b4 replying…hence the delay of my post.

[li]I know some suggested other burning software, but until I get used to them, is there any way to reset my burner as it’s locked on 2X burn speed when using Nero 6 b/c that’s the speed I chose when I thought slower was better 4 some files. Now I can’t increase it. I know MYCE Senior Admin “C0deKing” had tools/ drivers, but not sure which to use.
[/li][li]FYI: Found Verbatim DVD+R DL 20 pk “MIS” (knew to look 4 “MIS” from other threads here…Thanks!!!) on sale @ Amazon in case anyone is interested.
[/li][li]B4 knowing about disk quality, I purchased Memorex DVD –RW for trying to use Clonezilla - a disk imaging program. Not sure if I could use +RW w/ this program. This will be very important data. Should I suck it up & buy Verbatim 4 this as well vs. using the old Memorex? Probably should…
[/li][li]Is it true my (& other older PCs’) 04’ Compac Presario 2010US may not recognize “+R” disks? I assume its hardware & not software related. Does upgrading firmware if available have any effect? I have read here on other threads that some newer video technology only recognizes “+R” & not “-R” which I understand.
[/li][li]Not looking 4 high quality labeling. I just want plain black text print. Low dexterity so I was looking to get away from using Sharpie markers. I thought people just used some kind of adhesive printable material. Creating labels or disk printing…whatever is cheaper. I didn’t know printers could do this. Found the printable disk, haven’t seen printers yet. I’ll keep researching these.
[/li][/ul]Thanks again to all & enjoy your day!

  1. Sorry! Let out price of Verbatim DVD+R DL 20 pk “MIS”. They are $23.99 @ Amazon. $36.99 @ Wally World…so Thanks again 4 the heads up on researching prices!

  2. I mentioned it my 1st post, but left it out of my 2nd. I left out the name & thread of possible resetting the burn speed in my 2nd post. It was a post by MYCE Senior Admin “C0deKing”. Thread http://club.myce.com/f44/lite-lh-20a1p-post-your-scans-here-201092/index34.html . Thankfully, CD’s still run full throttle. DVD’s are now taking 4ever since choosing 2X. Just not sure which tool he/ she to use. Lite-On’s site has a 404 error. Don’t want to install the basic Nero 7 crap they offered…just a basic driver. Wish it was plug & play, but XP won’t provide drivers for burning DVDs. Only reads.

Again…Thank You to All! You Guys ROCK!!!

You should be able to use ImgBurn and set your burning speed in that program. 8x or 12x would be fine for most any good quality disks.
I haven’t used Nero in quite some time, but I’m certain you can set burning speed within it for any individual burn. The top speed for the RW disk will be slower than the regular disks, no matter which program you use.

DVDRW disks (rewriteable) are not what I would choose for very important data . You can test it with your Memorex disk, but I’d make separate copies on other media. If you need more RW disks in the future, I very much recommend the Verbatim +RW over the other choices.

Your computer may be older, but this Lite-on drive you have is certainly new enough to handle either -R or +R media. The drive is the important part of that equation.

Lightscribe or ink jet printing would serve your purposes as you explained them in your post. Just don’t put stick on labels onto dvds or cds. They have been known to cause problems—imbalance, and deterioration of the disks for example.

By the way, if you cannot get faster burns, check DMA status of the drive. Look in my signature for the link that says How to check/enable DMA by Womble. Follow the instructions in that guide.

My apologies! I got a little confused then side tracked w/ projects, so I haven’t finished researching the valuable information all of you provided.

FYI: Verbatim discs are on sale again @ Amazon & Newegg.