LH-20A1P burning VERY slow

I’ve only had this burner for about half a year and I’ve been trying to revive it for about 3 months now. It was going perfect last October, slowed down a bit in November, then went into a coma around Christmas time. I never used it all that much but I still think it may have burned out somehow.

It’s got KL0N firmware. The DMA is enabled. My computer is in quite good condition (for an eight year old), and the 80 gig hard drive is clean and defragged with about 20% free space. Registry and anti-virus show all clear.

It still burns DVD+RW perfectly fine, but DVD+R and DVD+R DL crawl along at 0.1x speed (until I hit cancel)! My Verbatim media used to go at around 2.4x to 6x.

How do I find out if it’s a hardware or software problem? Installed something dodgy? Bad cable? I just bought a new IDE cable (actually thought it would work). What else do I test (and how)?
Can anyone point me to a good “DVD burners for noobs” page? I think a decent troubleshooter and/or checklist would be a great help.
If you need more specs or something just ask.

Please help! I don’t like buying new burners every 10 months:-(

Hi and WelcomeQUOTE=android_mac_10;2224939
It’s got KL0N firmware. The DMA [B]is[/B] enabled.[/quote]What is the current transfer mode?

How do I find out if it’s a hardware or software problem?
I still guess, there is some DMA issue.
Go here: http://winhlp.com/node/10 and get the resetdma.vbs file from there.


How do you have the drive hooked up? Using an 80 wire ide cable, cable go bad??

I have a new Ultra ATA IDE cable. 40 twisted pair/80 conductors.

Primary master (hard drive) is Ultra DMA Mode 5.
Secondary master (burner) is Ultra DMA Mode 4.
Secondary slave (DVD-ROM) is Ultra DMA Mode 2.

I should have kept my old single-layer burner! At least that one had no problem with DVD+R:doh:

Any other ideas:confused:

Is there some kind of program I can use to ‘calibrate’ my burner or something to find out where the problem is?

Disconnect the DVD-ROM and see if the burner gets better performance.

Run CD-DVD Speed.