LH-20A1P best media

LH-20A1H best media

Just a little help if you pls guys,
Whats the best media for these things ,not so much brand coz that speaks for it’s self .
More a case of DVD- or DVD+ for best burns and less coasters.
Got a choice of TY media in both formats.
Open to suggestions tho.
I have been using Ritek F1 media with success, but many ppl doubt it’s longevity, and this is used for family videos, holidays ,weddings etc.
Cheers .:confused:

Nobody doubted Ritek F1 longevity :bigsmile:
In fact people seem to be satisfied with it but I would not recommend it myself .
All media I use with my 20A1P are ranging in results from very good to excellent : TYG03 (TY 16X DVD-R) Verbatim MCC004 16X DVD+R , CMC MAG E01 (8X DVD+R) and Samsung OPTODISC R16 (16X DVD+R)

Just wanted to get the best avail.
Family can give some serious s**t when freebie video auth dont play no more.

Decided to get TY media.

  • or - which is best ??.
    Where is a good place to get them in uk.
    I have used Bigpockets b4, but if you know anywhere better ,please.

SVP are an excellent place to buy media as well. :slight_smile:

MCC03RG, TYG03, TYG02, T02, Ritek R03, and CMC MAG E01 have all burned well for me. Personally I wouldn’t worry about the Ritek F1 if the burner handles it well it should hold up just fine. TY-R burns really well but 8x+R(T02) would prolly be most compatible.

Thanks to all.
Ordered some TY’s, should b here in next couple of days.