LH-20A1L or PX-716a keep which?

Building a computer for a friend who probably won’t take full advantage of a nice DVD burner. In any case, figured it might be time to upgrade my Plextor 8mb cache PX-716a. So did some browsing on the forums and read reviews and somehow ended up with a Lite-on LH-20A1L 2mb cache drive. I think I made a mistake?

Which burner should I keep and which should I build into my friends computer?

Here is a scan I did using Verbatim 16x DVD-R @ 12x

bump. anyone?

use your drive for quality scan at 4x… it’s recommended speed… and download SMARTBURN 3.1.16t and try HyperTuning and OnlineHyperTuning - it’s something like Plextor’s “Autostrategy”

isn’t 8x the forum standard?

Keep both.
If in doubt, keep the PX-716A.

Some LiteOns will not scan accurately at 8x due to spinup issues? or so it seems… :confused:

the plextor you have is a very nice drive, dont let it go unless it is banged up. And if you have the cash, get the liteon as an additional drive, it costs under $40 shipped at most places