LH-20A1L makes crappy DVD+R DL movies

I just got a brand new LH-20A1L OEM model from Newegg. Installed fine, Windows picked it up without any problems. I burned a DVD that I ripped using DVDFab onto a Dual Layer DVD using Nero, and included the disk verification at the end, and it said that it was successful.

I take the new DVD out and try to play it in my living room DVD player, and it says that it can’t find a disk (after it tries to read it for about 3 minutes). So I take it into the bedroom where I have a separate DVD player from a different company, and I get a Disk Error message on the screen.

So I tried another DVD, same brand (Verbatim). Same results. So I rebooted into Linux, burned another one using K3B, final results were the same. So this morning, I tried a different brand of DVD+R DL disks (Memorex) and ended up with the same results again.

I flashed the firmware (was running BLO3) to BLO4, and burned a single layer DVD under Windows without a problem this time.

Before I make another DL coaster, has anyone had any troubles making dual layer DVD movies using this drive??

The Verbatims should work anyway, forget the Memorex…

Could you post a scan of the DLs?

I’m not following, what do you mean by ‘scans’?

Use Nero CD-DVD Speed and post screenshots of the Benchmark and Disk Quality scans.

What format are these files coming out of DvdFab? Did you set the booktype for Dvd+R DL to Dvd-Rom? If you are going to use anything to burn DLs it should be ImgBurn.

mine wont burn dynex DL with bl03 or bl04

gets tons of errors on the second layer

and its not the discs

i burnt the same iso with the same program at the same speed (2.4x) on my other cyberhome burner and it verified sucessfully

I burn them 4X & 6X.

But my favorite burner to DL, still, is my Plextor 716…


Install Kprobe, and scan those Verbatim, at 8X or 4X…

Wait until reach 100%.

Than, you will have a scan of your burning…


It is, those DL discs are kinda crap.
Do yourself a favour and use Verbatim DL.

I used PGCEdit to create an ISO image with the layer break then burned with ImgBurn at max speed using MBI DVD+R DL discs and it plays fine. These were cheap for hub printable glossy DL discs, 45@69.95

“played fine” means not much, not even with DVD5 media.

Please post a quality scan, if possible, and the MID.