LH-20A1L firmware

The BL05 firmware noted at last (#6) post here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f44/where-find-bl05-firmware-lh-20a1l-06c-229164/

the firmware is dated 7/4/2007. Is this ‘official liteon’?

There exists firmware 9L08 for the LH-20A1S dated 7/13/2007. Since I have no interest in using LightScribe, and, assuming for the moment, that the 9L08 is more up-to-date (hard to imagine, but none-the-less) could I flash my A1L with the A1S firmware?

Thanks and best regards, happy thanksgiving.

Yes, you could (with C0deKing’s EEPROM + Flash Utilities). But it’s only 9 days more up-to-date…