Hi, is the only difference between LH-20A1L-06 and the LH-20A1S is lightscribe support? Anyone have the 20A1L and can comment on its performance? I just went from a Benq 1655 but had to RMA because it wouldn’t do lightscribe anymore though it still burned DVDs well and they said it’s out of stock.

Yes it has Lightscribe and it’s also an SATA interface (not PATA like your BenQ drive).

I’m also wondering. I just bought a Lite-On LH-20A1L-05 and I can’t seen to find very much information on it. I was looking for a rpc-1 firmware patch, but rpc1.org doesn’t seem to have it listed anywhere.

What is the difference with the LH-20A1L series burners?

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Hey Aaygo. Congrats on your first post. :clap:

No patch is required for LiteOn writers to make them RPC1. You can use LtnRPC or KProbe to set your drive to RPC1. See the tools collection sticky thread at the top of the LiteOn forum. :wink:

Also can you please backup your firmware using the Flash Utility and send me a copy. It should be a 2MB file. Thanks. :flower:

Enjoy your new drive. :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy to send it to you.
Glad to help in any way.

I tried attaching it to this message but it seems the zip file is too large.

“File Too Large. Limit for this filetype is 195.3 KB. Your file is 510.7 KB”

I’ll try emailing it to the codeguys email address. Hope this gets to you.

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Thanks Aaygo. :flower: I’ll have an FB/EOS patched version posted soon.

[B]Edit:[/B] Released! :wink:

Hey, so I was curious how is this burner working out for you? Thanks

Thanks for confirmation. I’m going SATA as I plan on building a e6320 PC and I was planning on getting a P965 board, and I read people were having a lot of problems with PATA/IDE drives using P965 boards. Also I like that SATA cables reduce the clutter, though I know about rounded IDE cables.

Anyone tried flashing the 20a1L firmware to a 20a1s to get Ligthscribe support? Or does a Lightscribe enabled Writer has any special hardware in it?

I too am interested in the answer to this question

Some maybe tried, but noone succeeded… :bigsmile:

Yes, LightScribe hardware is needed for LightScribe function.
But all this is easy to find out for those care reading. :wink:

The burner seems to be working great.

FB/EOS patched version released? You guys rule. Ok, so I’m very blind. Do you have the link to it?

Thanks a bunch!
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http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=207033 :wink:

Hey C0deKing,
I just registered tonight on cdfreaks.co and value your quotes. I just purchased the LH-20A1L-06 and it freezes up after 10-15min of playing a DVD movie. Are the comments about firmware BL05 a fix for my Model or is there something else amist? I have Windows Vista


SALTYHOG, welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

1/ What firmware version do you have at the moment?
2/ Do all DVD movies freeze after the same time?
3/ What allows the DVD to play again?
4/ Have you tried different player software?

Hi C0deKing,

1/I’m not sure of the Version. Never had a Burner before. Is there easy way to check?
2/I’ve tried 5 Movies and All stop after 10min or so.
3/If I Manually eject and reinsert or CTRL, Alt, DEL
4/ Microsoft Media player is all I got with Vista. I have NERO , I’ll try it

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