LH-20A1H requirements

I bought it and have burnt some stuff for backup. I like it and so far no problems. I have a amd xp 1800. But it requires a 1.8 GHz cpu. That is on the box on the site it says 1.3 GHz, here is the page. Why does it require either a 1.3 or 1.8 GHz cpu? Why does any dvd burner require a certain processor speed?

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CPU requirement for CD/DVD burners is only an assumption by the manufacturers to make sure your system can feed the drive with enough of data at drives max rated speed.
But this requrement is not the only thing that has to be met by your system. Other hardware like; HDD, motherboard and memory must also be able to keep up with the burner.
Amount of installed/running software plays also a part here, and most important, all the heavy load from applications like antivirus programs.

I have no problem to burn at 8x with an more then 8y old box, and my sons PIII 733MHz seems to handle my new LH-18A1P quite nice… :wink:

Ok I see. The CPU requirement is to make sure you can burn at the max speed. The rest checks out over 600 megs of ram over 200 gig of hdd space. So looks like if you fall short of the requirements the only thing it means is that you might not be able able to burn as fast, the cpu requirements that is.

Right. :wink:

As you can see, I can burn with that old box as fast as the burner is able to keep up with, ie at 20x speed.

In picture above I’m burning at 20x with 16x rated (max) media, (but that’s another story… heh).