LH-20A1H keeps burning at 20x

Regardless of what speed I select in Nero, the drive burns all my Sony DVD-R 16x SONY16D1 at 20x ever since I turned used SMART-BURNto read what speed it can burn at. I’ve tried turning it off, but it continues to burn at 20x. My Verbatim 16x DVD+R MCC004 discs burn fine at whatever speed I select, but I haven’t tried to use SMART-BURN to see what speeds it can burn at yet after what happened with the sony discs.

I don’t think it’s the fault of the media either; the Sony DVD-R discs work fine on my other Memorex drive.

It’s a Sony media problem - this burner does not like Sony media for whatever reason.

Oh okay. Thanks for the help.

So I tried SMART-BURN with the Verbatim discs and now I can’t change the burn speeds for them as well. SMART-BURN read the limit as 16x and that’s the speed it keeps burning at now. The quality is still pretty good, but I want to try it at 12x to see if it’s any better.

What program are you using to burn?

update to the latest firmware LL0B…
Smart-burn is enabled by default no need to set it - maybe Nero is the problem?

get ImgBurn (free) and try it

I’m using Nero Vision 4 to burn anime for my friends.

The drive is already updated to LL0B. My Memorex 16X-DDL-IN burns fine at whatever speed I select in Nero.

I tried ImgBurn and it says its burning at 12x, but it definately doesn’t sound like 12x.

Well, the problem seems to disappear as long as ImgBurn is installed on my computer. This morning I tried another burn in Nero at 12x and it actually did it at that speed. I figured I didn’t need ImgBurn anymore so I uninstalled it but it started to burn everything at max speed again so I reinstalled ImgBurn again and it’s fine now. Dunno why it does that, but it’s all good now.

Nero is the problem - you live easier without it! :slight_smile:

You might want to save your registration number for Nero & try a clean install, to see if that helps or you could just go by, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.