LH-20A1H can't read it's own software cd!


I’ve just bought a Lite-on LH-20A1H and, to my dismay, it can’t read it’s own software cd. I already tried to read a music cd, some dvds, and it read them all, but it simply hangs when I insert the original software cd on it…

I had Anydvd installed but I already unistalled it.

What’s happening?

Looking forward to hear from you.

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sure connectors are fully seated and its recognised properly by the OS?
what’s the firmware?

I rechecked the connectors, and it still doesn’t recognize the original cd…

I’ve made a dvd copy (non dual layer movie dvd), and the reading speeds varied greatly during the copying process. When the speeds increased, the drive noise also increased, making a whooshing sound, which my previous LG burner also did.

I had firmware LL7, but already upgraded it to LL0C, hoping that would solve the problem.

One more thing, I have two SATA hard drives, one IDE hard drive (currently as primary slave IDE), and the dvd burner is secondary master IDE.

How can I know if I should return the unit?

I’ve had various drives do the same as yours. Actually, I think the software CD that came with my hp rebadge of this drive actually had to be read in my secondary drive. I could never get it to read the original CD, but [ironically] a copy burned from the same drive read just fine. I’m not quite sure why that is…

If your old LG still can read CD-ROMs, and you feel like reconnecting it, you may use that drive to read the disc. That, for me, would be the fastest resolution to the problem. Then you may make a copy of the disc.

You shouldn’t have to return the drive if it reads various other discs. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not worried about not being able to specifically read the original software cd. I guess it doesn’t contain anything important or does it?

My problem is that this may be a sign that something’s wrong with the dvd burner. Is there any program or way to thoroughly test it?


You could always test other data CD discs. If it’s just isolated to that single disc, you have nothing to worry about.

And the software CD doesn’t really contain anything important, unless you want to install the version of Nero (I’m assuming it’s Nero).