LH-20A1H, bad result?

I just purchase a new Liteon LH-20A1H LL06 which manufacture in 1/2007, however, I using TDK 16X DVD-R(TTH02)to have test burn with 8X speed, the result is very bad, relate to media/drive problems or others problems??

My TDK 16X DVD-R(TTH02) is support to burn with LH-20A1H in 18X when I using Nero CD/DVD Speed to see it, but I can using 8X only with Imgburn and Alcohol 120%(both the are newest ver.), what is the problem??

I try the Codeking’s FB-EOS firmware, however, after update it, I cannot read some D9 DVD video disc, after restore the EEPROM, everything is OK, what is the problem??

Sorry for my poor English