LH-20A1H as external drive?

Hi, I am looking for an external burner with lightscribe. What would be the best solution?
My requirements are

  1. Good burn quality
  2. No riplock (or removable)
  3. UDMA 4 compatible with external drive (rules out benq 1655)
  4. lightscribe
  5. bitsetting of +R
  6. mac compatible
  7. Available in US (rules out pioneer 111C)

I am considering the Lite-On LH-20A1H. Is that the best option, or is there something better? I saw in other threads that people are having problems with AnyDVD and Liteons. Though i don’t use AnyDVD, not sure if i want something that would cripple my ripping options in the future. Is that a big problem with this drive? Kindly suggest.

bump…any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.