LH-20A1H and DVD+R DL Is This a Bad Burn?

I burned my first DL (Verbatim) yesterday, and got what looks like a strange result. Can anyone tell me anything about this scan? Is this normal or a bad burn?

I also got an error popup halfway through the jitter test.


Can I know what speed did you burn?

The quality is decent for DVD+R DL Verbatim, I think.

If you burn it at 2.4x you will get almost perfect burn with PI errors max below 50,PIF below 4.

The PI errors should stay below 280 but u got almost get 300 when changing layer. Shoud be alright though.

Your PIF is ok though.

I can’t remember what I burned it at now… Nero offered me 4x (even though the media says 2.4x), I can’t remember if I burned at that speed. I might have… I guess I should try another one at 2.4x (for sure) and see what I get. Strange that the PI errors have such a spike on the second side…

Try scanning without jitter switched on. You’ll note that there is no jitter displayed on the second layer which seems quite odd.

I said it´s ok but not very good

I burned another DL, this time at 2.4X.

I got a similar result, again with a “no additional sense” error halfway through the jitter test. The transfer test looks fine though.

Is there somewhere on the forum where people are comparing DL burns? I wish I knew if I could trust this burn or not. I’m trying to archive client video files so I can delete them from my main hard drive.

Sorry, forgot scans: