Can anyone tell me if this is a good drive or bad drive, is it new or old? Is there a modded firmware for it, mostly looking for one that has rip lock removed.
I just picked it up for about 35 bucks on newegg.
There seems to be almost no info on this drive here i did use the search before posting. I bought it for lightscribe but I was at one time a big fan of liteon drives. My last 2 have been NEC. Thanks in advance for any answers.

I was searching with the 186 at the end I now see my mistake, I see the info I need on the thread right above mine. note to self search without the 186 on the end.

Yeah, the -185 and -186 you see on Newegg just refer to the retail and OEM packaging; the drive itself is the same LH-20A1H and there’s plenty of info about it in the forum :slight_smile: