LH-18A1P questions

I’m just about to order a LH-18A1P for my brother and I just wanted to check a few things so I can advise him properly.

  1. With the GL0F firmware will the drive be region free, and have riplock disabled?

  2. What’s the difference between the stock and the stock-ff firmware (in the download from codeguys)?

  3. Can he use Nero CD-DVD Speed to set the default bitsettings? Does this drive have the quirk which causes this setting to be lost if the PC is rebooted before burning a disc? If so, does it matter what sort of DVD is burnt?

  4. Will Smartburn be enabled in Nero by default or will he need to set it manually (after checking it’s enabled in the SMARTBURN utility of course)?

You better check this thread, seems the drive has problems with windows sp2.


I was looking at the lh-20aip and wonder if it has the same issues.

The fix is a windows hot fix (you have to call MS??–who wants to do that), or roll back to SP1?? Not a great fix either?

I have a LH-18A1P drive using C0deking’s fast patch firmware that is installed on a computer that has XP Pro w/SP2 no problems with the drive. I never had to use any Microsoft fix or to roll back to SP1. :wink:

I think it strange also that a drive would come out and have problems with sp2?? As you saw the link above directed to a post here, it does seem to be a problem?? I wonder if the firmware allowed you to run sp2 with no problems?

This bums me out a little as I was thinking about getting the LH-20A1p @newegg and I assume it is pretty much the same drive (and I am running SP2). I do not seem any such complaints on newegg?

I think the manufacturing date on my LH-181AP is October 2006. I have crossflashed it to hell and back with no problems.

Thanks for the warning Roadhog, but the fact that the fix for this is a new imapi.sys file, suggests that it only affects burning with XP’s own CD burning wizards and not third-party apps such as Nero, so I’m not too concerned.

Now, about those questions. Anyone?

Doveman–That is nice to know as I would never use the xp wizard any way, so this drive is back on my list–btw–can I ask why you picked this one over others?? I am looking myself-- :bigsmile:

I based my decision on the advice given in this thread:

Note, I was looking for the best all-round drive so if your needs differ, you may be better off with something else.