LH-18A1P - Mission Impossible 3


First post !

I have a Lite-ON LH-18A1P - only bought it a few days ago, mainly to watch DVDs … not really a writer myself but don’t mind having the ability to do that when needed.

I have watched a few DVDs with this drive and have had no problems, until I tried to play MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 … no go … nothing happens. All that happens is the drive doing a looping type noise of trying to read the DVD but that’s all, going into exporer shows as tho no drive is inserted… I guess there must be some sort of protection on this DVD which is fooling the drive (the region settings are all ok - and the DVD is an original bought in shop).

I have tried anydvd but that did absolutely nothing to help with my problem…

is there something I can do ? or is my only option to get another drive ? If my only choice is another drive I’d like to go for a SATA one this time as my IDE/RAID controller on the Motherboard is really useless… are there any recommendations for the ultimate SATA DVD RW drive please … mainly for reading … writing always a plus.

Thank you in advance for all the kind souls out there for any help with this issue.


If I were to buy an SATA Drive today, I think I would choose the Plextor 755SA. I have heard good things about it and the firmware updates frequently. Just a suggestion.

If its mainly for reading, i’d suggest a Samsung 163 oder 183 because these drives are very quiet and mich cheaper than a Plextor.
Maybee the problem with MI:3 is the copy-protection? If its made by sony some evil protection is on it.

Surely the copy protection should not interfere with the reading of the movie ?

I am so disappointed with this drive.

I am surprised noone else is having the same problem. I was hoping I’d hear same stories from others. Now I’m worried that maybe its only me who’s having this problem.

Are there any firmwares for this drive I can try ?

Not only was mine able to read it, it was able to rip it as well.

Well i went out and bought another drive … Liteon again but another model … no problem anymore… seems like the one I had was eiher faulty or just crap…