LH-18A1P @LH-20A1P any good burns TY03



Flashed my LH-18A1P @ LH-20A1P KL0N

Has anyone had any success using Panasonic DVD-R TY03

If you have what setting have you used


20A1P + Panasonic TYG03 = WIN :bigsmile:

Every thing is ON except Overspeed . 16x is the sweet spot for me , you can try first @16x and if there are any problems try 12X or 8X and you will be amazed .

My 20A1P even used to burn these Pannys TYG03 @ 20X with amazing results :iagree:


Here are some scans

LH-18A1P @LH-20A1P burnt at 16x

Think these are brill burns :bow::slight_smile:

Panasonic TY03


Scan @ 4X