LH-18A1P Failed Flashing


Before i start getting the insults and the we told you so’s, i know, i did a very very silly thing.

I tried reflashing my 2 LH-18A1P drives with the latest patched firmware from here. Now I have done this before with success so i wasn’t too phased by it. However like a moron i forgot the number 1 golden rule. I only did a backup of my 1st drive, not the second drive. And also like a moron after successfully flashing the drives with the updated firmware i decided i preferred it with the originals in it (don’t ask why i dont know). And after using that first backup to restore both of my drives to the original backup i restarted the computer.

And low and behold my second drive starts to do a very good impression of a christmas tree light, but not much else. Like an idiot i forgot that the eeprom backups are drive specific, and that taking a backup from one drive and sticking it on another results in almost complete failure. So i know how, and i know why it is giving the dreaded, and quite repetitive, flashing of the status light.

And here is my dilemma, i have not a clue how to reverse the problem. I have tried everything that I am aware of, reflashing everything back to the drive in a vain attempt for success, but to no avail. The thing is i have no backup of the original eeprom from the second drive.

Is there anything at all that you guys can suggest to help me fix it rather than buy a new one, because i have exhausted all of my own ideas.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and if you feel like throwing in the i told you so, go ahead because i know it is coming.

Ouch, that’s not good. :doh: I had the BLoD (Blinking LED of Death) before on a 160P6S after erasing the entire Flash with XSF tool (thought I knew better). Luckily, I had backed up the EEPROM data and C0deKing was able to create a bootable file with that and firmware to revive the drive. Without that characteristic information, not sure how you can revive it…