LH-18A1P ejects spinning discs



I purchased a Liteon LH-18A1P which came with firmware GL03 (Sep 2006), and since the first times I used it I noticed that unlike my previous drives, when I hit the eject button and the disc is still spinning inside the drive, it does not delay the eject to slow down the disc first, instead it simply ejects a spinning disc.

As you can imagine, if the disc was spinning fast, the disc can ‘jump’ on the ejected tray and even end up scratched.

I flashed to GL0F from this page, but it still acts the same way… :frowning:

Other than being careful and waiting for the disc to stop before ejecting it, as well as disabling all kinds of automatic ejects in my software, I can see no solution… it already scratched a disc unreadable :doh: (luckily I had already made a backup copy of it).

Anyone else with this problem? Is there any solution? If it’s a common problem, perhaps LiteOn should be contacted to fix it in future firmware updates?