[LH-18A1P] Big problems writing dual-layer

I have Platinum Dual-layers with media code CMC MAG04 which my old and trusty 1635S writes to near perfection (no failed writes, nearly no bad discs after full write) but my spanking new LH-18A1P has managed do produce failures and non readable discs.

The drive came with GL03:

one occasion at about 2/3rd of the disc there are 2 ring of about 1mm not written at about 5mm from each other.

And other discs are just unreadable after 100% write

I flashed it with GL0C today, but that made things even worse:

Drive just kept on writing the lead in (% was after 8mins still at 0), theres a ring of ~4mm with very irregular writing.

Any ideas?

Welcome, Maarten :slight_smile:

My advice is to stay away from Platinum. They’ll just buy and sell what makes them the most profit (mostly 2nd grade material). Try with Verbatim.

thanks :slight_smile:

Strange that the 1635s always writes 100% and the new does not…

I bought a spindle of Philips with RITEK D01 and it seems to like it a bit more, I have to burn all 10 to get a good view of how the write quality is on that media (better than CMC?)

Verbatim is about 50% more expensive than Philips or Platinum so thats why I’m looking for good alternatives, any advice?

WHY do you think that a successful burn has anything to do with writing quality??
It doesn’t!

Simply scan your burned DLs for quality and you’ll be shocked.

Ri* DL media is crap, CMC and RICOHJPN can give good results in some burners and Verbatim always works!