LH-18A1H's problem reading DVD's

I have a big problem with my 18A1H. It can read some DVD movies without a problem while fails with others. For example, it can read a completely scratched DVD of “It” but can’t read a perfectly clean DVD of “Star Trek 6 SE”. All the DVD’s that fail work perfectly in a standalone DVD player and my 2,5 year old PX-708A. And I have to mention that I’m currently using a second 18A1H drive because I had the first one replaced, since it was even worse than this one. It was hard to find a DVD that the first unit could actually read.

(This is a similar problem as described in the thread “LH-18A1P - Mission Impossible 3


I have similar problems with my LH-18A1H. Now after four weeks it even fails reading any pressed DVD at all! I will send it back and I will buy another brand, I never had a burner of such a poor quality!

It seems the LH-18A1H isn’t on the US page anymore: http://us.liteonit.com/us/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=26&Itemid=67
It had a very short lifespan…

Great :rolleyes: … Let’s just hope that they still make a good firmware to fix all of the issues.

So far they haven’t released a single firmware update at all…

Which is worrying, no fw updates for its problems. Maybe they are hope more will buy the 20A1* model instead.

This looks very bad for LiteOn.

Do you think LiteOn should they do a product recall. To replace all the 18A1* drives sold, with the 20A1* drives ?

Maybe they should wait with the recall till they release new drives with Philips chipsets: http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/Philips-and-BenQ-joint-ventures-ends-Lite-On-joins-Philips.html :slight_smile:

Ah which accounts for the recent poor drives. Moreover for the lack of fw to correct some of the problems for the drives.

Two of the recent drives problems are hardware related, no fw fix to fix them.
A very cheap workforce always makes very bad hardware.

Turbulent times in the LiteOn camp right now. Not a good time, to buy a LiteOn drive.

Yeah … recall. Is it pessimistic or realistic of me to not see that happening ? :slight_smile:
What a nice Christmas gift I’ve bought myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, I have bought three Lite-On drives (18A1P, 20A1H & 16A7S) recently.
I’m not really impressed by the 18A1P & the 20A1H.

Problem solved, I got a LG GSA-H31L and finally it can read all DVDs the LH-18A1H was even unable to recognize.

My 18A1P, 20A1H & 16A7S failed to analyze a brand new DVD using Nero Recode w/the latest version AnyDVD running in the background.

My other drives (LG H22N, H22L, E10L & 4166B, Samsung 182D, Pioneer 111L) worked flawlessly without any problems.

You keep buying them though;) :bigsmile: j/k

RO(T)FLMAO!!! :bigsmile: