LH-18A1H problem

Hello all…definate lurker to this forum, but a newbie to posting here. I recently crossflashed my HP 940 with the LH-18A1H HL06 firmware using flash utility. Everything seemed to be ok, until after burning a dvd. The next burn I attempted I received a power calibration error when attempting to burn a 1x-8x sony MIJ TY02, @4x using ImgBurn. If I power cycle my pc, I’m able to burn again, but only 1 time, then same error. So I reboot again and all is ok, on the surface anyway.
My questions are, what is the diagnosis of this problem and is there a solution to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Great forum and happy burning!

update: did a burn, then went to reboot, went into “my computer” and see that my drive isnt recognized as a dvd drive, just a cd rom, but the drive is recognized by ImgBurn

I uninstalled the drive in device manager, then had windows find and add the hardware and then the drive (E) reappeared in my computer as a dvd-ram, just a bit confused on these issues and what to do about it.

Sorry for the bump…I realized that both my lite-on burners are recognized as a cd drive, when i put blank dvd media in them…my apologies for the ignorance on my part…but Im still having the need to reboot to avoid the power calibration error after one burn…thanks in advance for the help…

I would flash again with the firmware after you reboot.
My HP940 works fine after crossflashing to a 18A1H.

not in safe mode? did you use the flash utility? or just use the flash exe?

I tried flashing again not in safe mode…seemed to work for 5 or six burns now…now when I try to burn after usind dvd shrink, i get the power calibration error, unplugging the power from the device and plugging it back in gets me 5 or 6 more burns, then the error…any ideas on this? please help!