LH-18A1H Overburn?



Does LH-18A1(P/H) support overburning dvd+(r/rw)?


hmmm, I tested on dvd+r (cmc mag m01) and it doesnt seem to work :frowning:


DVD±RW overburning is useless.


I already saved, say, 10 expensive DL media with overburning and my DVD players with MTK chips have no problems with overburned discs.


DL overburned? I doubt it. I meant RW media.
Please read what I wrote. :bigsmile:


I didn’t overburn DL media. Rather I overburned DVD+R discs. If I couldn’t have overburned the DVD+R discs, I would have had to take expensive DL discs instead. I hope that it’s now clear what I meant.