LH-18A1H laser always on?



I’ve noticed that the laser of my drive is always on whenever I open the tray. Is this normal? Why can’t the manufacturer turn it off when it’s not needed (In that way you can make the drive hold much longer)?

I don’t know for sure if it’s the laser I see but it’s anyway a red light.


I thought the red light would be a special feature of LightScribe drives, but I could be wrong.
My LG GSA-H10[B]N[/B]/H12N doesn’t have such a red light, while my LiteOn SHW-16[B]H[/B]5S has one. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, very possible that you’re right :iagree:.
But can anyone with a lh-18a1h/p verify this red light?


It is not the laser, just the LED used to read the Lightscribe sync marks at the inner disk ring.


oh, now i know thx both :smiley: