LH-18A1H Dual Layer Problems

hi all,

just picked up a LH-18A1H, originaly wanted the drive for burning dual layer disc’s.
that’s where the problem lies.
i have tried to burn a few dual layer disc’s with no success.
tried verbatim, aone, when it starts to burn using imagetool burn it just pogs out saying write error bla bla bla.
i have a 165p6s and that burn’s the dual layers no problem.
both writers are set as master on there own ide chanel with a sata2 drive as the hard drive
is there a link to the latest firmware (hl05).
found one but it’s in bin format and not sure how to flash…

quick update, just tried a verbatim jewel cased 2.4 speed, it burn’t perfectly.
it looks like the drive is a bit picky with cheap media.
“still looking for hl05 firmware and flasher” any takers.

The bin File is already available here. You can flash it with CodeKings Flash Utility.

Thanks Burningfish.

found it and flashed the drive, time to test.