LH-18A1H bad burns or bad scans?

There should be a way to get your money back. I hear a lot of people saying RMA on these forums when they want to return a faulty product, however living in Australia, I’m not exactly sure of the details.

If you can find any verbatim media, 8x + - R or 16x ±R get that, as they will be good discs to test with. I think all HP discs are made by CMC, which are also a good brand to try out if you can’t find verbatim.

I got a pack of maxell dvd+r 16x ricoh r03, they not good enough for this test?

Here are a few pics of a scan of a burn made on one of those r03 with the LH-18A1H.

I guess nobody has any clue about this?

Isnt it weird that my old TDK media outperform my verb taiyo discs? Isnt it weird that when scanning at lower speeds I get significantly higher PI/PIF errors?

Can’t be sure if it’s scanning weird or the burns are bad. Because it seems both the 111’s burns are bad and the Liteon’s are bad.

I’d suggest returning the drive saying it produces coasters with various discs. Get another Liteon and see if the scans improve. I find it hard to believe that it would be possible to buy 3 different media and all of them scan badly. Makes me think the scanning drive is at fault.

The thing is that might get more expensive than just buying a new drive. I didnt buy it locally, not sure who pays transporting, but the transporting alone to the store and back to me isnt far from what the drive costs, and if they say the drive isnt faulty I will also have to pay their expensive half hour rate for working on it.

To me this isnt a very good resolution as it might end up costing as much as 2-3 new drives and I still only get my old litey back.

I also find it hard to believe that all my 3 burners produce bad burns/scans with 3 different kinds of quality media because they all are faulty drives.

Could some other hardware/software be causing these issues?

Well what I am trying to say with the liteon is that you’re basing your opinion of the burn quality on what the drive scans.

I suggest getting another liteon or trying someone else’s liteon to see how the same discs scan.

I also find it hard to believe that ALL drive scan bad with ALL media. Perhaps your hard drives are filled with errors and they are coming out on the discs? I have no clue but stranger things have happened.

You did say your HDDs were on the way out right? They might be the cause.

Even if the files were corrupt and they were copied as they were, the discs still should show lower PIE and PIF levels. It’s completely independent of what data the file is made up of.

RMA it. I was able to get a replacement for my LH-18A1P because it was reading back slow at the start. Yours seems much worse, whether it’s the scanning that is broken or the burning I would take it back.

:disagree: cd pirate, I think you better read this thread before posting any further speculations…
Linked thread is about KProbe but the basics are the same.

Yes. :iagree:

Note, OP has still not posted any scans when drive in other computer or on other configuration.

Already read that ages ago. I have had faulty hard drives before. One time my burns would stop at certain spots due to errors on the hard drive. Got it replaced and problem solved.

I know it’s independent from what goes on the discs but I was just speculating randomly. You never know, the hard drive may be sending out data too slow and causing the drive to re-link because of buffer under runs etc thus causing reduced quality burns. I’ve seen some pretty crazy things from PCs.

But anyways, yeah I agree, trying in another PC would be a start. But not many people have multiple computers. And not many friends are going to allow you to open their PC and stick stuff in it and play around for hours. Unless you’re a nerd with nerdy friends. In the case you might be one, you would already have multiple PCs in your house so you wouldn’t need to use a friends PC.

I do have another computer and I did just install windows 2000 on my old seagate 10gb 5400rpm ata drive and then put the litey in there. Its a 350mhz amd k6-2 or whatever they are called, it has 64mb ram and a lousy creative riva tnt 32mb pci video card. I didnt bother installing any drivers other than what was included in windows. Both the hdd and dvd burner were connected with 40pin conductor cable, think thats what they are called, cause I didnt have any 80pin conductor ide cables other than the ones in my main pc. I have both nero 7 premium and a nero 6 oem version that I got with a drive, I decided to install nero 6 cause that computer was just so god damn slow with those ide cables and other specs.

Anyway, I copied over some media from one old cd to the hdd then I burned it onto a verb tyg03, was only about 700mb, but the scan came out so much better. I couldnt get pics over here any other way than burn them and didnt wanna waste another dvd on 4 pics and they also got a bit fucked up cause i didnt have proper graphic drivers installed.

The results were like ~14 PI avg errors with no huge spikes, def not above 100, think the highest was even below 50, PIF avg 0.66 with PIF max at 3. That was a 8x scan.

The 4x scan was ~13 PI avg not with any huge spikes either, about the same. the PIF avg was 0.33 and max 2.

That looks a lot better to me, and I can settle with that tbh.

Now I just need to figure out whats causing the issues with this computer, its the exact same OS installed on both. I’m thinking the mobo, its a nforce2 abit nf7-s v2. On this computer I’ve tried to burn from both the failing drives and a healthy ATA drive and its the same either way.

Any help is very much appreciated, obviously the burners arent to blame, whether they are perfect or not I wouldnt know as I cant see the slow 350mhz box as fair test, the buffer kept going up and down.


Woow Bagge, great progress in troubleshooting. Heh, old simple compus are ideal for tests like this. :clap:

Next you do buy new quality 80 conductor IDE cable. Simple flat ones, kinda bulky but rounded cables are not always that high “quality” we might expect.

If new ide cable doesn’t improve, move the drive around in your “new” system. You can also try to swap drives on primary ide channel to secondary and vice versa.

What are your current nVidia ide drivers. Any sata drivers installed?

Keep us posted.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m pretty sure its not the ide cable (its a flat one, always use them), I’ve tried with various 40 conductor ide cables including the ones I have in my old box and it doesnt make a lot of difference, but I will pick up another ide cable next time I’m close to a computer store.

What do you mean move the drive around? from slave to master? Already done that with my other 2 drives and they perform far from as good as they should, but will try with this one later as well.

I’m currently using MS ide drivers as I’ve read nvidia ones are shit.

I run onboard SATA and one pci SATA controller, both silicon image 3112.

I think its the mobo or some software spooking. btw I did run memtest86+ for about 24h without any errors.

I just scanned the disc I burned in the old box with the litey, when I scanned it in the old box the results were about 14 PI avg with no huge spikes, 0.66 PIF avg with no big spikes.

Then I put the litey back in my new pc and I attacthed the scan as a pic.

Then I put the burner back in the old box and took some of the dvds I burned in my new pc and scanned them there, they all had PI avg about 14 except for a tdk disc that had ~7.5, PIF avg was below 1 for all of them and no huge spikes.

Then I took the burner back up, tried to run it as master and slave on IDE2 and as slave on IDE1, scans were horrible either way. I also uninstalled daemon tools in case it was causing a conflict but it didnt sort this out.

So obviously the scans are messed up at my computer, I got no idea how to fix it. I dont know how reliable the scans at my old pc is as its slow, old and using old cables but they are FAR better and results are acceptable imo. Can I come to the conclusion that my burns are good and just my scans/reads are bad for some reason?

Yes bagge it seems that your PC is to blame and not the drive and media! If the discs which scan bad in your PC, scan fine in your old PC, then the discs are fine IMO.

There is a conflict somewhere. This guy was having the same sort of problem, take a look: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=211198

It was the Alcohol program which had some setting switched on and made the scans bad or something.

Perhaps if you can’t figure out the problem, you should either:

Do a fresh install of Windows then scan the discs which “appear” to scan bad.


Just forget about using cd speed and trust that the discs are ok by doing a Transfer rate test.

yeah I will probably just forget about PI/PIF scans, but I’m curious about whats causing this and still really want to figure it out. will probably be a while before next format and clean install of windows…