LH-18A1H bad burns or bad scans?

I seriously dont know what to do to be able to make a good burn. I’ve tried a nec 3550a, pio dvr-111d and now I just bought this litey LH-18A1H. I’ve tried both MS and nvidia IDE drivers, I’ve tried various media for the 3550a and 111d, supposedly quality media, TDK and verb tyg03.

The burns with the 111d were too bad to even be read without stuttering all the time. The burns with 3550a could be read fine at the few dvd movies I tried, then I burned a few data dvds which all had crc errors starting at 94% of the discs both in cdspeed and dvdinfopro. Then now I made a couple of burns with the lh-18a1h of a couple of data dvds which I’ve been unable to burn successfully without crc errors with the other burners, now I didnt run into any crc errors, but PI/PIF werent good at all.

Anyone got any ideas whatsoever what possible might be screwing with my burns? Have 2 hdds dying and they contain quite a bit of data I want to backup, I’ve really tried everything I can think of…

ps. if I scan at 4 values are worse… also have HL06 fw now and its not making things better.

Which speed did you use to burn the discs?
Do you use sticky paper labels?
What does the TDK perform like?

Apparently I gave verbatim and taiyo yuden too much credit thinking chances of recieving a very bad batch from them was slim to non existant. I guess I was wrong. Can we conclude that I’ve recieved a bad batch of discs? I know this burn isnt perfect but it seems rather good to me, I’m not a perfectionist I just want good burns that will last me pretty long.

I still got about 270 of these tyg03 discs, what to do with them? 250 of them are not even opened, think I would get them exchanged if I asked to?

Don’t be so fast - try scanning them at 6x or 4x. I’m having the same problem with my LH-18A1P at the moment :a

Thanks, but as I said already did scan at 4x and results were much worse. I’ve tried burning and scanning one with newest firmware and its about the same. I bought a brand new pioneer 111d thinking that my nec 3550a might be the issue, I’ve burned well over 30 discs in total and scanned them all for PI/PIF crc and transfer. Not trying to be rude, but to me that doesnt seem to jump to a conclusion too early, or does it? :confused:

Anyone got any tips whatsoever? Any help is much appreciated.

At this point we don’t know if your LiteOn drive is reporting trustworthy PIE/PIF values, which would mean that your burns or discs are bad, or whether your LiteOn drive is a bad reader/scanner.

So I suggest you get a “second opinion” about the quality of your discs by using your NEC 3550 as a scanner to scan some of the same discs. The NEC drives are known to be quirky scanners, but I have never known a NEC scan to under-report PIE/PIF compared to a LiteOn drive, so it’s worth a shot.

I suggest you change the Scanning Interval to 1 ECC on the Advanced button on the Disc Quality (Skivkvalitet) tab (only applies to some drives like e.g. the NEC). I also suggest you experiment with different scanning speeds, starting with 12x and 5x.

Then post some comparative scans here and we’ll take a look.

I’ll try some different scanning settings. I unplugged the nec 3550a already, but it couldnt read any dvd media anyway, only recognized cds for some reason…

I’ll post pics later today.


Your Pioneer DVR-111D can also be used for scanning, although it’s even less reliable than NEC drives. Still it would give us a second opinion about those discs and about the reliability of your LiteOn as a scanning drive.

For Pioneer scanning I suggest you use the Advanced button to set your scanning to “speed” instead of “accuracy” and to 1 ECC scanning interval.

I couldnt set 1 ECC for the liteon for some reason so they are all in 8 ECC. The pioneer I set as you recommended.

Pics are in this order: liteon 1x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x, pioneer max, and then the last pic is scanned with pioneer at max but its not the same disc. Its the TDK disc thats also scanned with the liteon a few posts above.

The TDK was burned at 8x as its thats discs max speed, the tyg03 was burned at 8x or 12x cant remember, but tried various speeds in the past with my other burners.

IIRC CD DVD Speed sets to 1ECC (for PIF’s) by default on Liteys (see your first pic).

Is this genuine Taiyo Yuden media? Have you tried to put the drive in another computer and burn/scan. What type of ide bus and drivers are you on?

BTW, have you ever tried KProbe.

I’m sure this is the real thing, they are identified as Taiyo Yuden tyg03 discs and they are made in Japan. I’m running a nforce2 mobo and using microsofts drivers, also tried with nvidias IDE drivers, have latest chipset drivers installed and tried reinstalling them.

I havent tried Kprobe yet, I will do that. I’ve tried DVDinfopro and it seems to be reporting a bit better results for every disc I scan. Do you think I’m looking too much at the PI/PIF results and should just accept this is as good as it gets? Whats bugging me is that other media reports significantly better burns than taiyo.

I think my drive has the same problem as your’s. I might RMA it because I’m not at all happy with it, only had it for about 5 days :a. I’ll see what a firmware re-flash does.

1st: 4x scan in LH-18A1P
2nd: 8x scan scan in LH-18A1P
3rd: 8x scan in BenQ 1655

[B]Kev[/B], do you have scans with other media too?
Stuff like this can happen from time to time… [B]DrageMester[/B] had three broken Optiarc 7173s in a row :smiley:
Luckily I haven’t had that yet…

My discs scanned with kprobe, doesnt look nice at all. :frowning:

what do I do next?

It’s the same - in fact, it’s getting worse :a. This is one scan, but it happens on all discs. I’m RMA’ing the drive.

nobody has any idea whats wrong?

are my TDK discs performing as they should? Maybe the whole bunch of verbatim tyg03 I recieved are really bad?

Well your Pioneer’s results showed that the discs were alright. Usually the pioneer will show some sort of high level errors if the disc is very bad.

You said: “The burns with the 111d were too bad to even be read without stuttering all the time.”

What were you reading them with? A dvd player? If they were skipping/stuttering while playing, the discs are probably infact bad.

But if this is just with the liteon, it may be the liteon.

I tried reading them with both the 111d and a liteon dvd-rom I have and it was the same. The nec burns werent stuttering when read in the 111d and neither are the burns made by this liteon. I made an iso of a dvd movie, the nec could burn it fine without any crc errors not sure about PI/PIF as I only scanned it with the pioneer, seemed not great but not too bad either. But when I tried to burn data dvds with the nec I got crc errors in the end every disc. The pioneer 111d (111L) couldnt burn either data or media on these tyg03 discs, but in the reviews of this media at svp, where they were bought from, people wrote that the pioneer 111d wasnt compatible with this media, produced bad burns all the time. So I understand while it wont burn them properly.

So are you saying that my discs are fine and I should just get to work backing up? I could accept that all my scans are a bit off, but the one thing bugging me is that the TDK scans gets lower PI/PIF than the Verbatim TYG03?

Hmmm Pioneer should burn the TYG03 discs good.

I suggest to be safer than sorry. Perhaps you should try a small amount of verbatim media and see what happens. I wouldn’t risk trusting these discs for now. It is possible you got a bad batch of TYG03. TTG02, I cannot comment on the quality of this media as I haven’t got any or used any before.

I’m sure we can all figure this out for you eventually :slight_smile:

I really appreciate you trying to help me out.

I’m gonna try to get some other media at some local store here, will see what I can get ahold of, probably not any top quality stuff.

This media was bought from SVP, is there any way they would replace it if I’ve gotten a really bad batch? cause otherwise I have like 300 discs that are useless…