LH-181AP (GL0C) won't scan 2nd layer with CDSpeed 4.7




The title says it all CDSPEED 2000 stops at the layer change while scanning (even at 2x). Mind you I’ve only tried this with Ritek D01 which I know is basically cow-turd pressed between two layers of plastic.

Has anyone else done a quality scan with this drive and been able to read both layers ?


Ritek D01 is crap media. Try Verbatim brand.



Tried some Verbatim DVD+R DL. The 18A1P basically stops at 51%. I’m thinking of flashing it to a BENQ DW1800 and see if that helps. Any ideas ?


It makes no difference by flashing to DW1800 as it still won’t scan any DL disc. Use another scanning drive instead. Or try Kprobe or previous versions of CDSpeed.


Thanks for the tip. I tried ver 4.6 and was able to scan the whole disc. I lost jitter scanning though. Hopefully a newer version will be released for all of us LH-18A1P users.