Lh-16w1p losing my mind...now

I bought a dvd burner at walmart and its the lite on lh-16w1p i have gone through an entire stack of dvds changing settings and fiddling with everything I knew how to and have not successfully burnt anything i took it back replaced it and am still having the same problem it gets through the lead in and starts to burn and then it stops and tells me that it can’t complete burn process failed can anyone help me out? much appreciated.

Welcome to CDF, BewilderedOne :slight_smile:

It could be the media, since two drives are exhibiting the problem.

Can you put one of the discs into your drive, download and run CD-DVD Speed, and go to the “Disc Info” tab.

There you’ll find the MID (Media ID) - that’s the info I’m after. Thanks :slight_smile:

RICOHJPN R03 004 (04h)

Hmmm, that usually works OK for me, but I don’t have the same drive.

What burning software are you using?

If it’s Nero, try another burn, and if it fails, it should prompt you to save an error log. Save it as a txt file, open it up and take out your serial number, and post it here. :slight_smile:

Well now I’m really confused I’ve been fighting this thing for months now and its never worked I didn’t do anything different this time and it just works. lol whatever. A couple of questions anyhow i guess I’ve got a modified xbox that is able to read most video and audio types how do I burn a dvd with just regular video and audio files…like one with mpeg, mp3 avi and such? I kept trying to get it to burn udf and it wouldn’t burn. also can you convert divx movies to a video dvd that will play in standalone players? I imagine I’ll be back here in a couple of days cause i’ve been fighting this thing suddenly when I’ve got some help bam it works great :blush:

How strange! :eek:

Don’t know about the first question, but converting DivX files to DVD-compliant ones can be done. I use ConvertXtoDVD for this, but there’s a thread here that might interest you :wink:

appreciate your help man sorry to waste your time I dunno what suddenly changed this stubborn sobs mind lol later

Hehe, at least you know the drive’s not toast :smiley: