Lh-16w1p dvd problem



I just got a new lh-16w1p dvdrw drive. Unfortunately it does not play any dvd’s. It writes onto media just fine but when I try to play a dvd it freezes up. Anyone have any ideas?


Did you set the Region Code of the drive and do you have a software DVD-player installed (VideoLAN Media Player is free)?


Yes the region is set to 1 and I use cyberlink powerdvd to watch the dvds with.


does it freeze when you want to start it with powerdvd? do you use powerdvd v7?


When I put a Dvd in the drive it always reads it and I can go in through explorer and view all of the files but when I try and play it does freeze. I’m not sure what version of powerdvd i have. I tried using dvdshrink to pull it off the dvd and dvdshrink gives me the error: Copy Protection Error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted. And I am running anydvd I also recieved a similar message with dvd decrypter.