LH-16W1P and the Intel 965G

I have had this drive in my other computer that is a K7 and its able to boot from cd, for instance progrmas that you can load from heirens boot cd 6.0 and many others. These cd’s load a cd-rom driver which I have never had a problem with till I put the LH-16W1P in my new computer. It keeps telling me Unable to load oakcdrom.sys, atapi.sys ect. Im also having a problem formating DVD+RW’s in my new computer. Just to check I hooked it back up into my old computer and vola! It works. Whats going on here? Any help would be awesome. :bow: Here is My New computer specs.

GIGABYTE GA-965G-DS3 Latest Firmware version
DDR2 1GB PC2 6400
250GB Segate Hard Drive SATA
Intel E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz 4MBL2
Lite-On LH-16W1P SL02