LGs - good model for CDs?

Just read the LG GSA-H42N isnt great at cds but good for dvds
which is good as i’ve just bought the lightscribe model

Q) For decent brands - ty etc. which is a good cd model ?


If you can find them, a 4163B or 4167B would be my choice. I have both, and they do excellently with most CDRs, not just TY :slight_smile:


:iagree: But I suspect they are really out of stock now. I remember Francksoy mentioning that H22N seems also very good in that matter.


Yes the H22N is a very good CD burner, I use it for most of my CD burning, TY, Verbatim, Daxon, MBI and Ritek all burn great.

The H42N has the potential to be a great CD burner if they can fix the firmware, they are aware of the issue and are working on it now.

Doh! Good info about the H22N though, guys :wink:

Hehe :slight_smile:
From Francksoy’s signature:


thanks for the info

might get a h22 as well

lg seem very well made and quiet to me - i had a 4163 but it died , had it a couple of years though

My 4163 is great at burning CDs … so my experience matches everyone else’s.

I have an H10N in my basement computer, but I haven’t burned any CDs on it so I don’t know how it is.

My 4163 still works very well though - it’s got a lot of life left in it.

I’ve also found the 4163B to be really good for CD-R and CD-RW. I think the 4167B was equally good but that model had other problems so I’d aviod it. I haven’t tested that H22n (though thanks for the tip) but other Hxxn series burner’s I’ve tested jsut haven’t matched the good old 4163B for CD’s.

I especially seem to have trouble with some of my CD-RW’s on the newer LG burners. For example I just tested a H42N. I was superb with DVD’s but couldn’t burn one (no not one) of the CD-RW media I tested it with. Everyone single attempt burned to 100% , apparently successful, but each was un-readable when attempting to verify. This was very disappointing. It looks like I’ll be hanging on to my 4163B for a while yet.