LG's curved OLED displays to arrive in the second half of 2013

Alongside its wafer-thin 4K TVs, LG’s curved OLED display was another product that occupies a special place in our CES memories. Fortunate, then, that the product has taken a step away from vaporware, with the company’s Vice President of Home Entertainment Europe, Thomas Lee, confirming that its “world-first” curved OLED TVs will launch in the second half of this year. Given the Korean firm’s tendency to test new models closer to home, we’d suspect this would be a native launch, but given that the company’s 55-inch OLED display made it into at least one store outside of Korea, we wouldn’t count out seeing an overseas retail appearance soon after.

Link: http://www.engadget.com/2013/04/17/lg-curved-oled-launch-second-half-of-2013/


I sure wonder how stable such a large free-standing wafer-thin TV would be. E.g. think of it as a 55" sheet of cardboard held up on a stand.

I could just imagine a living room near the front door and when someone opens the outside door during a stormy day, the air inrush has the TV flying across the living room. :eek: