Lggsa4081b not recognizing blank media

Hi guys
I have an intermittent problem that is driving me crazy. About 50% of the time that I go to burn a disc (using TDK CD-R on either Nero 5 or Easy Cd Creator 6, I will get a message “Please insdert blank disc”. The disc is in the burner (LG GSA 4081B). If I persevere and open and close the tray enough it eventually recognises it. But other times it sees it straight away. Is this likely to be hardware or software (my guess is hardware due to the issue on nero AND E CD C 6). I am running windows 2000.
Any ideas

try a test after uninstalling EZCD. Dunno about now, but in the old days, EZCD absolutely HATED sharing responsibilities as a burning app.
Could be a software issue, but depending on how long u’ve had the drive, could be hardware as well (had a matsushita cd burner that quit reading anything but original cds and blank cds)

Yeah I thought that too at first so I reformatted and installed Nero, It suffers the same symptons. The crazy part is I can at times burn CD and DVD perfectly. Then, without warning it just stops recognising the same blank media that it just burned. Driving me Batty

what board are u using? some people who have via and nforce boards have burning trouble if they don’t use the M$ IDE drivers instead of the ones on the cd.

I have similar issues with different drives, all of which eventually failed completely on write and blank disk id tasks.

If it’s under warranty, take it back. Otherwise, get ready to spend again.