LGGSA 4163b A102 i want to burn dvds at 2x and i can't



First hi everyone I am new at this forum and I have a problem with my lg DVD. I bought my lg GSA 4163b DVD burner a week ago and I want to write the dvds at 2x (because I have problems when I burn a dvd at 4x or 8x and when I write it a at 2x they work perfect) well I use 4 kinds of dvds and I have the same problem, they let me write them only at 8x or 4x (I use the last version of Nero burning rom) and I want to write them a 2x. The dvds are RIDATA RITEKG05, VERBATIN MCC 02RG20 and a MASTER G TYG02.
And another problem is that I bought 5 samsung Optodiscr0008 8X and I only can write them at 2x (these is what I want but there is a problem because the dvds are of 8x)
The firmware of my dvd is A102. Whow can I solve this problem?. Thank you very much.


Upgrading to firmware version A104 will alllow 8x burning support for OPTODISCR0008.

As for burning RITEKG05, MCC02RG20 and TYG02 at 2.4x, it is impossible with the 4163B. The firmware does not allow it. Even A104 will allow only a minimum burn speed of 4x for those types of media.

You really should not be having a problem burning at 4x or 8x. Better to try and find out what is causing those problems and fix it.


so its a limitation that have de lg dvd recorder what a shame because one of my friends hava a sony dvd recorder and can burn the dvds at 2x, well i would see wich dvd recorder can be written at 2x an i will soll this and buy a new one but i think this is a negative point of this dvd recorder.


Since the LG does not burn at 2x/2.4x, how can one make the statement that the discs work better when burned at 2x?

Try burning them at their rated speed in the LG and see what happens before you make assumptions about how well it works. If you have a player that cannot read discs burned at their proper speed, you need to replace the player. The real problem is the player’s inability to read recordable media.

Aside from that, with many current DVD media, slower is not better. Especially DVD-R, often the burn quality is much worse at lower speeds on a high speed burner.


the problem is that I use the DVD most to record videos of anime that I have in my hard disk ( 2 hard disks of 120gB serial ata and one hard disk ata of 200gb full of anime in the same computer ) when i record the DVD at 4x and burn the episodes of a series some dvds when i try to copy the episodes from the DVD to the hard disk they don’t let me copy them and a message appear saying “The episode xxx cannot be copy (cyclic redundancy errors)” and i can’t copy the episode to the hard disk but when I burner the DVD at 2x they worked great and I can copy the episodes to the disk more faster ( the time remaining say 15 minutes and in 15 minutes is ready and when I burn at 4x say 30 minutes and change a lot the time) and I never have an error at 2x so I don’t know what to do to burn well the dvds at 4x so the back up are well done. PLEASE HELP ME.


I have some 1x DVD-R media. I can sell my 1x DVD-R media for US$0.1 each if you sell your 16x DVD-R media for US$0.2. Good deal? :bigsmile:


I guess the point of my post was missed.


The problems you had in the past were with a different burner…yes?
You have a new burner now, and one that will burn all your media extremely well at their rated speeds. Try it and see.

If you are trying to say that you are unable to burn faster than 2x due to your HD speeds, then your drives are not in DMA mode and need to be put into DMA mode.


Burn at 16x in GSA-4163B but always use good media like Mitsubishi 16x.

What kind of anime do you backup to DVDs? Right now, I’m playing an Inuyasha episode 60 DivX file stored on a YUDEN000T02 disk which probably was burnt in GSA-4163/5163. I can watch Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 anytime on DVDs without ever having to worry about playback problems. As long as you use good drives and good media, even 8x and 16x burning results in readable disks.


it was with the same burner this lg gsa 4163b. i can write at 4x but sometimes i have the problema i mentione above so if a write de dvds at 2x they always work fine. I am very sad because it seems that it is not a common problem. which could be the problem?


One more time:
How can you burn them at 2x in the LG drive?
Try burning tham at their rated speed and see how it goes.


i use RITEKG05 and OPTODISKCR004 and i write them at 4x but i have the problem i mentioned, i dont know what can be? the dvds are good, the drive seems to be good, the main hard disk is a western digital serial ata of 120 gbs that works fine, so what can be the problem?

PD: I burn 7 dvds Optodiscr0008 at 2x and all work fine.
PD: rdgrimes i wrote them at 2x because the Optodiscr0008 with the firmware A102 only left me burn them at 2x.


Those DVD disks are not considered good even by the manufacturers of those themselves. You seemed to have some TYG02. Burn TYG02 at 8x.


With the LG drive, always burn DVD-R at it’s rated speed. In this case that’s 8x, not 4x.

Since you seem to be getting a lot of CRC errors, you might also want to get a new IDE cable for the drive, and if you are overclocking your CPU, don’t.

If you can run a CDSpeed transfer rate test on a disc and the speed is normal (smooth, straight speed curve), then the disc is not the problem.


I’m thoroughly entertained at rd’s frustrations… :clap:

Maybe if you typed slower…


Frustrated at what?


We all crave for speed.I can’t understand why someone want to burn at 2x!!!
I am burning at 16x with right media and I have never run into any problem.
I have seen many times the message “cyclic redundancy error” when I am ripping some commercial disks…


ok i have already burn a masterg dvd full of music at 4x and it works perfect. i will try to burn them at the rate speed of 8x.
The ide cable is new and what relation have with the CRS error? i don’t overclok mi cpu that is a pentium 4 3.0c.
ok i have the nero start smart the last version i think the cd speed is include how i use this program ? is with a dvd that is already burn?


As I said in my previous post : if you upgrade to firmware version A104 you can burn OPTODISCR0008 at 8x. Why not try it and see. It might even fix the problems you have with not being able to read back RITEKG05 and OPTODISKCR004 when you burn them at 4x or higher.


the problems is that if i update my firmware and the problem continues i wont be able to burn dvds at 2x ( to backup my anime ) and now i have the possibility to burn them at 2x with the OPTODISCR0008 at 2x and they work perfect.
And i will repeat the same question to rdgrimes The ide cable is new and what relation have with the CRS error? i don’t overclok mi cpu that is a pentium 4 3.0c.
i have the last version of Nero , in the nero start smart when I open the program is something that is called nero cd/dvd speed and i think the cd speed is include how i use this program ? is with a dvd that is already burn?


Not really a big deal. Try A104 firmware. If you find that you still cannot get good burns at 8x OPTODISCR0008 and 4x with RITEKG05 and OPTODISKCR004, then simply downgrade to A102 again. Yes, you can do that. So it doesn’t hurt to try.