LGE04 Discs



Ok, I bought alot of LG branded 4 x DVD-R discs. These were made in Korea and the MID of these is LGE04.
I had used a good number of these and never had a problem. I had more problems with TYG01’s than I did with these. They use a AZO dye and seem very well made.
Up until now I didn’t own a burner that was capable to scan discs. However thx for a sale I got a cheap LiteOn just for testing.
I use LG burners mainly. This disc was burnt about 2 years ago, give or take a month. It was Burnt with an LG GSA 4160B at 2x.
Here is the scan. Not too shabby. I’ll do a couple more and see how they compare.


And a second one. Same vintage and same burner. Very similar to the first one.
What do people think of these scans?


Interesting as I never heard of LG own discs before. So I wonder if they’re still producing media with their own technology. :confused: [B]Dakhaas[/B]? [B]evilboy[/B]? Anyone?

EDIT Mmmh. Seems like there are 16X LG blanks… LG MIDs at Videohelp

No problem with the scans. Would you mind performing transfer rate tests of these discs as well? :slight_smile:


I only knew that some of the LG media was MIT by Prodisc.

[B]Cressida[/B] once reported getting CMC’s 8x DVD-R CMC MAG. AE1 labeled as “Made in Korea” under the LG brand.

That’s quite confusing here…


Here is a speed test.
I guess these discs were ok.
I have LG discs that are MIT that are CMC. They are good quality CMC.
I also have LGE08 which are made in China.
These LGE04’ were made in Korea because I bought a whole box of them and it was written on the box. Im guessing they were made by BeAll?


Hey bear17, I have the Lg 4167B as well, take the speed lock off and enjoy 16x ripping of burnt media :slight_smile:

Btw, burns seem excellent as far as quality scanning goes! The LG4167B is a very good reader though. It beats my liteon LH18A1P when it comes to reading crappy discs.


Here’s another one. About 18 months old.
Any reason for the higher PIE but very low PIF value for the same area of the disc?


And for interests sake heres a 12 month old LGE08 disc. Made in china.


So here is a couple of LG branded CMC MAG.AE1 discs that I burnt using a LG GSA 4167B. Similar quality to the LGE08’s.