LG7500 problem with DVD Shrink discs



I usually backup my DVDs with DVD Shrink. I make them region free.
My LG7500 doesn’t read these saying “Unknown media” or something like this.
Does anybody experienced the same problem or it’s only mine.
I use Princo DVDs 4x and they work well with Divxs.


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I have heard about users having problems playing back Princo media in certain players, however so far I haven’t across any mention of whether these play in LG models. For a start, I would recommend giving a different brand of media a try, such as Verbatim, Datawrite, TDK, etc. which seem work well with most standalone DVD players and recorders.

Generally an unknown media message means that the player has detected that a disc is loaded, however it is unable to begin reading what’s on the disc. Chances are that you would get a different error message if it was due to the disc’s content, such as an invalid disc message or some other error indicating that the disc has no playable content. Some DVD players such as certain Lite-On models will actually start playing any VOB files present on the disc if no header files are present.


The problem is:
I have been using Princo discs for a long time and I’ve ever played well them on several players such as sunstech and LG home theater. No problem with the same discs I cannot use in my LG7500.
The discs are made region free.
The only doubt I’ve imagined is that on the manual is said that the device only plays region 2 and region all. I can’t believe that it doesn’t play region free discs.
I also remove macrovision protection and keep the only main movie.


I have a 7500 and have no problem with my copied discs, however I have never used Princo discs. I use shrink without any bother. :wink: