Hi everyone I’m new here.
My box is 800Mhz PIII 512MB SDRAM
on a gigabyte GA60XT gigabyte geforce2 MX200 32MB, 40GB WD HDD windows XP and linux redhat 8.0

I bought the LG52x CDRW and tried it on XP and it worked perfectly makin CDs in about 2.5 to 3 minutes…
Then suddenly it became slow, making CDs at barely 20x.
I Checked in system properties and sure enough DMA was disabled ( as evidenced by the harddisk activity, so I enabled it). I tried alcohol 120% instead of nero xpress, still no luck, Same problem in linux (Gear pro). Then I noticed (in linux) that the speed is fine untill it reaches 50% of writing the CD and then switches Speed down two times (finally reaching 8x). I use Samsung 48x blank media. Probably this is due to the burn proof technology, but I am afraid if i turn it off it will produce coasters at very high speed!!!
Any Ideas?

I noticed that the InCD application (XP), used for packet writing (UDF and CD-MR), istalled a new storage assistant driver, I removed it and did some simulations in alcohol and I reached to the good old average 30x (500MB in 2.25min). I guess this is good but can it can it go any faster?
Haven’t tested linux yet.