LG4167B is quite a poor DVD reader

I just got a 4167B to test. I wanted it to replace my Pioneer DVR108 because the 108 is quite a poor CD burner and I’ve heard that 4167B is supposedly quite a good CD burner.

Well I tested the 4167B and it is indeed a very good CD burner, it’s also quite a resonable DVD burner, but it’s a very ordinary DVD reader (at least the sample I bought was so).

I found this 4167B to be quite picky about reading my older burnt DVD’s, it had trouble (crc errors) on several DVD-R’s that both my DVR108 and my Sony/Liteon could read without any real problem.

With firmware DL12 it still read all the good quality burnt DVD’s ok, though it balked at most of my older DVD-R’s despite the other two burners not having any trouble. Where it really let me down though was when I upgraded the firmware to DL13, after that it started to get CRC’s and uncorrectable LLC’s on even some of my more recent and good condidtion DVD-R’s. I’m talking about DVD-R’s that PI/PIE scan with 95% quality (cdspeed) on the Liteon drive here.

Now I think this last case genuinely is more of a firmware bug than an actual limitation of the drives read ability. I say this because many of the DVD-R’s that gave that error on spin up, when testing with CDspeed and also when trying to make an image file from them in DVDshrink, were actually fully readable when I copied the VOB files directly. So something weird was going on there.

Anyway I reflashed the firmware back to DL12 and that particular problem went away. The drive was still a very mediocre reader in my opinion, but at least it wasn’t down right faulty like it was with DL13.

I havnt had any problems with the drive reading any of my discs. It even reads some discs that my BenQ fails to read properly. Its not the fastest dvd reader though.

Thanks for the info chancooluk. I was actually wondering if this particular 4167B is either faulty or perhaps just not quite as good as it should be? One thing in particular that doesn’t seem quite right is that I burnt serveral GSC003 DVD-R’s (at only 4x as that generally gives the best results with this media) and when I did a “scandisc” in CDspeed every single one of them reported a few damaged blocks (shown in yellow) right at the begining. These same discs scan with 95% or better quality (low PI and low PIF) on my sony/liteon so I’m not really sure what to make of this. It seems to indicate that it has trouble reading back discs that it’s just created itself, even when my other bunrers say these discs are burnt ok?

Does anyone think this indicates faulty drive?

I have a 4167B, a DW1650, a 165P6S and a 3540a.

The LG is my best reader and will regularly read discs that none of the others can.

It might be your burner. LG drives can compensate very well with lots of errors. I have burned several fake TYG02 discs that my BenQ cant read and some old optodisc dvd+rw that my BenQ hates. But the LG reads these fine.

Here’s an update. After doing a bit more testing I find the LG4167B can read most of my burnt DVD’s ok but has particular problems with old Princos. Of course these are crap discs, that’s why I’m using them to see how good a reader the LG drive is (btw, all these old princos have been backed up to better media but I keep them just see how long they’ll last, they’re all gradually dying). Of my other crap media, mostly Ritek R05’s, the LG is reading them ok despite these also being very poor media with loads of PI/PIF errors (as scanned on my sony/liteon).

One thing in particular that doesn’t seem quite right is that I burnt serveral GSC003 DVD-R’s (at only 4x as that generally gives the best results with this media) and when I did a “scandisc” in CDspeed every single one of them reported a few damaged blocks (shown in yellow) right at the begining
Interestingly this doesn’t seem to happening anymore. I cant think what has changed, maybe this burner just needed a day or two to “settle in” ???

Overall I don’t think it is as bad (at reading DVD-R’s) as I first thought. The issue remains however that most of my old Princos (4x DVD-R) are still fully readable in both my DVR108 and my Sony/Liteon yet are unreadable (aborting with crc errors) on the LG. Perhaps this is just a particular aversion to Princo? Oh well who could really blame them for that :slight_smile:

OK this is very interesting, my 4167B is improving like a fine bottle of wine and I cant explain why. Over a period of a few days, starting from new, the DVD reading performance has improved markedly. I tested it agan last night and now it CAN read all of my marginal princos like a total champion!

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, its almost like this drive needed to be “run-in” for a while before it started performing to it’s full potential. I even found one really terrible fake TY02 that my sister burnt and that my DVR108 just cant read at all, amazingly the 4167B read it from start to finish without a glitch.

Has anyone else ever seen anything like this, a burner that started out very poor as new and then just got much better after a few days? I don’t know how to explain it, the only guess I can make is perhaps something in the mechanism was a bit stiff and caused tracking difficulties or whatever and after a few days usage it loosened up and is now totally sweet.


It was not the case that this drive improved with age after all. My bad for not considering other variables that had changed. In particular, after I initially found this drive to be a poor reader I decided to place it in my old computer and leave my DVR108 in my best system. It was actually only after I move the 4167B to the old computer that all those improvements miraculously happened.

It only realized this today when I placed the 4167B back into the original computer and found that all it’s little problems had suddenly returned. Having read many threads here in recent days regarding problems with this burner and inadequate power I immediately suspected the PSU to be making the difference. I think I’ll start a new thread to discuss these results, they’re very interesting and I actually show work around for the problem that does not require getting a new PSU.

Detail on the fix in this thread HERE