Lg4167b bitsetting/firmware

Is there any other way than manually setting it? Also whats the best firmware to have on my drive?

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The DJ13 firmware for the LG GSA-4167b adds auto-bitsetting + an UDMA4 interface to the drive compared to the regular DL13 firmware. To me, then DJ13 is the best firmware version for the LG GSA-4167B.

The DJxx firmwares are actually for Hitachi’s OEM version of the LG GSA-4167B, sold under either the buffalo or IO-Data brand name, and the official firmware flashers will not let a drive be flashed if it currently has an DLxx firmware on it, and so to crossflash this firmware to the LG GSA-4167B, then unfortunetly a “crash’n flash” process is needed, but fortunetly for us, then the talented and generous TDB guys have release patched firmware flashers of both the DLxx and DJxx type, which means that crossflashing can be done easilly, and without the risky “crash’n flash” process needed to be done anymore.

TDB’s patched DJ13 firmware flashers :
(Contains patched firmware versions for either RPC-1, Auto-Reset or Auto-Reset + Rip-Lock Patch*)

*The Rip-Lock Patch is only for DVD-VIDEO, so i would instead recommend that you first use MCSE to add a Rip-Lock/Read-Speed patch to the firmware of your choise before you flash it to your drive.

MediaCodeSpeedEdit(MCSE) :

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Note also that you can go back to DL13 using TDB’s version of DL13 if you ever want to. So flashing to DJ13 is reversible.

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That firmware read speed patched is a bomb for your 4167! It will work like a charm!

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Yes, the MCSE patched DJ13 works like a charm

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You are very welcome mate, glad to be of alittle help :slight_smile:

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seems to be down the link to the firmware, how do i find out my current firmware? Are there any guides to flashing firmware on the lg? I havent done it for a long time.


Try here for the firmware :


Just so a search on the page for DJ13.

LG’s firmware comes as an exe file you just click on to run. As a precaution, don’t multi-task when flashing the drive. I generally disable all other programs running in the background (even virus scanners etc). Also, make sure there is no disc in the drive when flashing.