LG4167 and Verbatim MMC004 Made in India reliable Quality Scans required!

Hi Forum

I need your help! I bought 200 Verbatim DVD+R 16x MMC-004-000 Made in INDIA!
(manufacturer name is Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
Manufacurer ID is MCC
Media Type ID is 004)

My new burner is LG4167 with firmware DL13.

I burned some discs but I can’t really check the quality. I only got one other drive which is cabable to make a quality scan with nerocdspeed, an pioneer dvd-rw combo drive in my laptop and the results are not good:
"Verbatim 16x at 12x burned:

Disktype:: DVD+R (MCC 004)
PI errors
Maximum: 1671
average: 217,19
total: 3519140
PI failures
Maximum: 24
average: 0.84
total: 10348"

Some people out of the forum told me that for reliable quality scans i need a BenQ or a Liteon Burner. But i don’t have one and don’t know anybode who has a benQ or liteon.

So I need people out of the forum who got the same burner as me (LG 4167) and some of the same Verbatim discs made in INDIA who are able to make a quality test with a liteon or benq or another drive which makes reliable quality scans.

When your scans are good with the same drive with the same firmware and the same discs my discs should be good too, i think!

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Sorry, I don’t have any made in India Verbatims. I can’t seem to get hold of any made in India media for some strange reason.

Even though you cannot perform quality scans with that drive, you can still perform two other kinds of scans (both with Nero CD Speed) :

  1. Transfer rate
    Helps you figure out if the disc is readable or not. A nice smooth transfer curve at least tells you the whole disc has no problem areas.

  2. ScanDisc (read test - your writer won’t let you do C1/C2 or PI/PO tests)
    Helps you find out if there are any unreadable sectors on the disc. Everything should come out as green.

The Scandiscs works well…

where do i find the transfer rate? i only find benchmark…there is a green curve…

I have Indian Verbatims :wink:
Recorded 16x with 4167b, no problems at all, but an ugly-looked disc (three or four color changes in the dye side, due to speed change).
Scanned with a liteon 160p6s and kprobe.
HOpe it will help.

Thank you :flower:

Seems to be a very good result I think!?

My disc I burned at 12x also has three or four color changes in the dye side. but that’s normal you think?

This happens with some discs on LG writers. If the disc can be read fine, it’s no big deal.

Hey, nice scan :iagree:

As I said, Jaydon, I’ll post a scan on Saturday :smiley: (I’ve just put the discs out ready, to take to the PC with the 4167 in it).

fine :iagree:

I think it´s an excellent result… But the verbatim -r 16x are better, at least with the LG…

Oh I don’t know. I think those scans above are as good as it gets.
The scan below is Prodisc, burned at 16X. Remember, LGs (other than the 4166) will not burn these at 12X so it’s all or nothing.

Rumour has it that MBI can’t sell their MII Verbs here in India… copyright issues. Maybe it’s the same for the S/SE Asia region?

Here you have an -r verbatim burned 16x with the LG and scanned with kprobe. This is one of the best results i´ve had.

Hi Jaydon, a scan as promised :slight_smile: - not as nice as the others here, but still a good one :slight_smile:

MII Verb (MCC004) burned at 16x
Burned on LG4167B (DL13)

I actually prefer to burn any 16x media @ 12x, so I’ll do another at 12x and post that, too :slight_smile:

I too notice the dye colour changes, but I think they’re kinda groovy :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
What you doing copying our home movie “House of Yes” :doh: That’s really done it now! :bigsmile:
On topic 12x seems to be the ‘sweet spot’ for most drives. Particularly with MCC 004.

LG drives won’t burn MCC -R at 12X. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that MCC 004 has the same problem. When you select 12X you get 8X.

Hard to say why LG does this. The exception is the 4166 which is not really an LG.

You got my curiosity going now - gonna try MCC004 @12x on this 4167 :slight_smile:

Edit: Here ya go, burned at 12x. I say 12x, it hit something like 11.something, then dropped to 8x :eek:

That could be the reason. However, I can’t even get MBI MID discs here.

Nope, the refusal to burn at 12x only applies to 16x DVD-R discs and only with LG writers that use the Renesas chipset. 16x DVD+R discs burn fine at 12x. That is why the 4166B and presumably the H20L can burn 16x DVD-R discs at 12x.

I’ve burned Ricoh 16x DVD+R (RICOHJPN-R03) and Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MIS) at 12x on my 4167B. No problems. (In fact, Ricoh 16x DVD+R discs will only burn at max 12x on a 4167B).

Hi! Thanks so far! :slight_smile:
I think the results are fine or what do you think?

So I can save my data savely on the verbs with my lg :slight_smile:

A short question: Can I make quality Scans of burnes CD’s (not DVDs) with the lg4167?