LG4163B - Terrible Burns on TYG02



I just received and installed the LG4163B this weekend and have been burning some DVDs using TYG02s purchased from Rima. Given some of the scans I’ve seen here, I was looking forward to some excellent burns.

However, I have yet to get a good or even decent burn using the TYs. Here’s a typical example:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Lite-On DVD burner to do scans with; but can the results really be that far off? I’ve scanned some TYs burned by my Pioneer DVR-107 using this same DVD-ROM that were much better.

The drive came with A103 firmware. I upgraded to A104 and still the same problem.

The funny thing is that I’m getting better burns with my Ritek G04 (bought last spring) than I am with the TYs.

Any insight on what the problem may be? Did I get stuck with a dud?

Would really appreciate any help that people can provide as I am extremely disappointed in my purchase at this point.


This media is he best media I have ever tried.
Not a single issue and excellent results.One of the few that overburns to 12x
with my excellent 4163B.In fact I gave my 1620pro to keep only my 4163B.
I am talking about +R of course.I rarely use any -R.


Why don’t you post additional scan images from those other disks you’ve already burnt and scanned?

  1. RITEKG04 burnt in GSA-4163B A103
  2. TYG02 burnt in Pioneer DVR-107
  3. RITEKG04 burnt in Pioneer DVR-107

Try Transfer Rate tests of those TYG02 disks in GSA-4163B as well.

TYG02s burn in GSA-4163B quite well but no overspeed burning unless the firmware is modified with MCSE. Some people here have burned TYG02s at 16x.


I forgot to say, welcome aboard. :bigsmile:


I don’t recognize your scanning drive but if it is a ROM drive I would say it is not appropriate for scanning. You are also scanning at max which is well above the regular speed for scans. The transfer test is you best test for burn quality when you are lacking a scanner.

Your media is excellent as is your drive. Here is what scans from that combination would look like:



Deffinitely the wrong drive to be scanning with. If the discs run out at max speed in a transfer rate test, dont worry about them.


First, thanks for the quick and helpful replies. I’m new to the scanning exercise, so I’m learning as I go.

Here are the additional quality scans on my Lite-On DVD-ROM:

RITEK G04 by 4163B

TYG02 by DVR-107


And here are the transfer rate test results, performed in the 4163B:

TYG02 by 4163B

Ritek G04 by 4163B

TYG02 by DVR-107

For comparison’s sake, transfer rate test in the same Lite-On drive that I’ve been scanning with:

TYG02 by 4163B


Based on the reading curves, it seems that these have all been good burns, yes?

Assuming that’s correct, my question then is: Why the marked difference in the quality scan test results between the LG-burnt TY versus the LG-burnt Ritek and Pioneer-burnt TY?

I would imagine that if the scanner is off that it’d be off similarly for the TYs regardless of burner. That’s what’s making me think that the LG’s producing poor burns, but the reading curves seem to indicate otherwise.


First, your 166 is not for quality scanning. It will still show something, just not reliably. All three if these burns will have different error rates as TY is much better than the Ritek and the LG is a better burner than the 107. They will all be readable, hence your transfer rate shows that.


The RITEKG04 scan graph from GSA-4163B burn isn’t that good-looking, either. 70K+ PIF’s not good.

DVD-ROM drives are not usually used for PIE/PIF scanning mostly because most people use either Lite-On or BenQ or Plextor drives for scanning (which leads in turn many more people to follow the fashion), but the first reason was K-Probe was developed to be used with Lite-On DVD burners alone and there are some old threads (with hundreds of lengthy posts) about it if you are also interested in more technical discussions. :slight_smile: Maybe time to trade your 166S with SOHW-1693S now? :bigsmile:

For most end users, transfer rate tests are most helpful I believe because it’s easy to use and easy to understand.


So I take it then that there’s nothing wrong with my 4163B and that it is indeed producing good burns on the TY media (as is to be expected)?


From what you have shown us, yes. See if they play.


No, it proves nothing but the disc is well read in the drive. What’s said above basically means PIE/PIF scanning in Lite-On DVD-ROM drives are not good for judging media burn quality, but smooth transfer rate graphs are always good (just in the reading drive itself.)


Thanks again for the insight, guys. The TYs I’ve burned read fine, but I just wanted to make sure they were of quality because I’m using them for archival purposes.


Then you need to get an appropriate scanning drive. And make more than one copy of everything.


Read the sticky threads on Media Testing Software forum and you will find some people saying about a “professional” scanner which sells for like 3,500 Euro. You can buy a scanner which I think must be more useful for most of us for just well under 100 Euro (or 100 USDs.) Even two or three.