LG4163b stops recording DVD

I’m having problems with my LG4163b. It worked fine before, but now, I’ve tried to burn a DVD with nero, and in any moment of the recording, the percentage stops, and it keeps like that forever, and even if I kill nero the lg led continues blinking, so I have to reset and throw away the dvd!! It’s been 4 times in a row that I have that problem, so it’s becoming serious!
And I tried burning the dvd with the windows as clean as I can so that other process doesn’t bother it.
Any idea? I don’t even know if it’s a software or hardware problem!
help please!
I’ve tried using Verbatim and Ridata, both DVD-R

First, fnd out if it is a software problem by

  1. Updating Nero, you have an old version of Nero 6
  2. Trying another program. There are hundreds, many are free.
    If that doesn’t help, ask again. :slight_smile:

Another thing : get hold of some DVD+RW discs and use those for testing, instead of your DVD-R discs. That way if a burn fails, you can just erase the disc and start again. It will save you a bundle.

I updated nero to and it works now, thanks a lot!
I’m sorry for not having done that before, I thought that if nero is the most popular burner, and it’s already in version 6, it should be mature enough for not having so obvious bugs, I actually was thinking that if it was a soft problem, it was because of another program interfering, or a virus, or a problem in windows…
and good idea the dvd+RW, I feel so stupid, I ruined 4 dvd-r!!